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Since the introduction of aspartame, there’s been significant concern about the effect diet soda has on our bodies.  A new study has determined drinking diet soda is linked to a higher risk for the development of  stroke, heart attack, or death due to circulation conditions, in senior citizens from a variety of ethnic groups. Individuals […]

While most of people, including doctors and medical researchers are well aware of the role that certain factors play in our chances of developing heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, a family history, etc., we don’t pay much attention to the role psychological factors such as distress plays.

A recent study present at the 114th annual meeting of the American Psychological Association (APA)  found that post-operative recovery from cardiac surgery  improves in patients that have a positive religious belief, by aiding their psychological well-being.  Also, recovery in other patients, is impeded by having negative religious thoughts.   Recent research studies have indicated an […]

Dutch researchers have determined that heart patients with anxiety disorders may have an increased risk for stroke, heart attack, heart failure and death.   The study evaluated 1,015 stable heart disease patients, an average of 6 years.  During that time 371 clinically significant cardiovascular events occurred.   As many as 24 percent to 31 percent […]

A recent study conducted at the University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center found that fructose, a sugar used in a large number of processed foods including candy and soft drinks is linked to a higher incidence of high blood pressure (hypertension). The findings indicate that decreasing intake of beverages and food containing fructose sugar […]

A world renowned researcher believes that Vitamin K may be “the next vitamin D” if research continues to determine its increasing benefits for your health.   Cees Vermeer, Ph.D, one of the world’s renowned researchers in the field of vitamin K,  in 1975 created a vitamin K research group, which is now the largest group […]

For many years, concern about statin  (cholesterol lowering) drugs, their benefit, side effects, and the failure to prescribe a vitamin that prevents the development of its side effects has been rampant in the alternative medicine internet.   It appears the tide may be shifting, as a recent study reported in the AMA’s Archives of Internal […]

One of the important components in the process of the hardening of the arteries is chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.  They are considered common risk factors for its development.  Zinc is an essential micronutrient that can function as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and the researchers theorized may protect arteries against its development. Several studies have […]

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