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Conventional medical thinking holds that diabetes, even medical intervention is a downward spiral of progressively worsening blood sugars, and it’s devastating organ damage and complications. The thought of reversing it, is unimaginable to most physicians and diabetic patients. Is possible to offer hope of reversing diabetes?

Weight loss is often one of consumers’ top resolutions for the New Year. While the basic premise of losing weight is to consume less calories than calories burned, weight management has evolved over the years and includes a focus on burning fat, building lean muscle, boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite.

Inflammation, a chemical response in the body, to stop infection and disease, in the short term, but long term causes disease.   Inflammation comes from the Latin word to set on fire is part of the complex biological response of circulatory system  and the immune system to harmful stimulation, such as organisms that cause infections,  […]

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