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Tag: healthy diet


Can Exercise Lead to Healthier Eating Habits?

In the latest evidence that it’s worth sticking to your health-focused New Year’s resolutions, researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have found that exercising regularly is linked to better eating habits.

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Study Finds A Healthy Diet, Sleep and Exercise Disrupts the Negative Impacts of Stress

Are you taking good care of your health? Here’s a new study that once again confirms the that a healthy diet, a good night’s sleep and exercise can protect your body against the damages caused by stress.

A new study from UC San Francisco is the first to show that while the impact of life’s stressors accumulate overtime and accelerate cellular aging, these negative effects may be reduced by maintaining a healthy diet, exercising and sleeping well.

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Dietary Patterns and Breast Cancer Risk Among Women

The main objective was to identify the relationship between major dietary patterns and breast cancer risk among Iranian women. A healthy dietary pattern may be negatively associated with breast cancer risk, while an unhealthy dietary pattern is likely to increase the risk among Iranian women.

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