This is a powerful lecture given by one of my heroes, Dr. Russell Blaylock. He is a retired neurosurgeon who is dedicated to informing the public about environmental dangers in our food, drugs, and environment. In this one he discuses several studies that demonstrate a link between certain foods, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and violent […]

Good morning! Did you design your Superhealing program yesterday? I congratulate you if you did, and want you to know if you didn’t,you are not too far behind, just do it today. As I shared with you on Saturday, the workshop was my gift to you. Deciding to improve your health, and step on to […]

As any casual observer of the hospitality industry knows, hotel maids spend the majority of their days lugging heavy equipment around endless hallways. Basically, almost every moment of their working lives is spent engaged in some kind of physical activity. But Langer found that most of these women don’t see themselves as physically active. She […]

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, defined as having a blood pressure of 140/90 or higher or taking medication for high blood pressure, is a well-known ‘silent killer.’  According to recent research, it contributes to memory loss in adults over 45.  The study determined that those with high diastolic blood pressure (the second number […]

Researchers from the University of Utah Pain Research Center evaluated the potential benefits of music for diverting psychological responses to experimental pain stimuli. They hypothesized that music may divert cognitive focus from pain. If true, the key to successful pain control from this method would be the degree of engagement by the patient in the […]

For many years doctors have recommended taking Aspirin to prevent heart attacks and strokes. However, according to a new study conducted in the Netherlands has determined that healthy women taking Aspirin isn’t helpful to healthy women trying to ward off these two conditions. Their study found that 50 women will need to take the medication […]

A new research study has determined that junk food may contribute to brain shrinkage, while a nutrient rich diet, containing vitamins and fish may protect the brain from aging. Processed fast foods containing trans-fats (found in fried foods, cakes and biscuits) were linked to lower scores in tests and more shrinkage, similar to what occurs […]

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