Free MAstery Class With Dr. Elaine Ferguson

Enough's Enough: The Truth About Racism's Health Endangering Harm

Join me for this groundbreaking master class that will help you to stop racism’s impact on our health and well-being.  Learn the truth and how to protect, heal and shield your mind, body, and spirit.

The Life-Changing Information You'll Discover:

Racism’s corrosive impact on your health can be interrupted and healed! You’ll learn the truth about it’s harm and how to begin your transformational healing journey to stop its life-endangering harm. A journey you may have never considered possible…before today. Yes, racism looms large in our lives, and it remains unavoidable, your pain, suffering and wounds can be healed! This mastery class will show you how.

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how racism damages your health

Our experiences of racism, are linked to an increased risk of experiencing  chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and many more, among African Americans. You will learn how to recognize the subtle, ongoing harm it is triggering in your mind and body.  

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how to Stop It's Harm

You’ve been lead to believe there’s nothing you can do in response to your experiences of racism and discrimination, but to grin and bear it, suffer in silence or suppress your pain in unhealthy ways.  The truth is, there is much you can do to stop it’s harm, and we’ll show you how!


how to Support your Healing Journey

Discover powerful resources that can have a meaningful impact and help heal the invisible wounds racism has visited upon you as you begin your transformational healing journey.


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Meet YOUR Healing Guide

Dr. Elaine

I’m Elaine R. Ferguson, M.D., an Ivy-League trained physician, pioneer in the field of holistic and integrative medicine, PBS host and best-selling author. I’ve helped thousands of patients and clients awaken their true health potential through my unique and comprehensive holistic healing approach.

While I’ve encountered racism throughout my life, a particularly challenging and ongoing experience prompted me to engage the same powerful principles I’ve used to help thousands of patients and clients  to heal the toxic health impact  this experience was having on my health. 

Now I help people of African descent around the world heal their profoundly harmful invisible wounds it triggers to rise above, heal them, and ultimately to thrive.

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