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Elevate Your Health and Transform Your Life

You have an amazing body, one that is designed to function with ease and to be healthy!  Good health is your birthright and when you give your body the nutrients (physical and emotional) it needs to properly function, eliminate harmful toxins and move regularly, it will regenerate and repair itself! The key is to create a healthier, internal environment that will allow you to function optimally and produce radiant health and vibrant well-being. 

This isn’t a message about self-help or wishful thinking; it is one of self-empowerment, fueled by decades of scientific research that reveals how our cells function most effectively to create the good health you desire and deserve.

                                                                             -Elaine R. Ferguson, MD

Dr. Elaine is truly a pioneer in the field of holistic/integrative medicine.  She sees you as a whole being, possessing a remarkable body that is capable of the radiant health and vibrant well-being it is designed and intended to experience. Her life’s calling is to help you and others create optimal health and well-being.  She is passionate advocate who seeks to educate, inspire, inform and empower you to help you achieve good health through engaging your mind, body, and spirit.

She clearly understands, as recent research confirms your family’s lifestyle, health habits, behaviors and beliefs, are far more important than the genes you’ve inherited.  You have the ability to rise above the numerous misunderstandings about your health, that’s led to our great reliance on doctors and conventional medical care. She has treated thousands of patients during the course of her career and will use her experience and fund of knowledge to help you achieve your personal health goals.

You Are The Key To Your Health!

Your consultation begins and centers around you.  Most importantly your consultation with her listening carefully to you and understanding your unique symptoms and particular needs.  Your critically important preferences are taken into consideration and are the foundation of your personalized health plan.

Dr. Elaine’s comprehensive consultation and recommendation involves all of you, every aspect of your life.  Your mind, body, and spirit are aspects of your being that are not separate, but interact dynamically and their interactions impact your health.  Her extensive training and experience allows her to recommend multiple evidence-based therapeutic approaches including nutrition, nutritional supplements, mind-body techniques, spiritual approaches, energy medicine, traditional medicine and more.

A Unique Healing Partnership

Making changes to improve the quality of your life can often require significant support.  Dr. Elaine understands that providing this kind of support, especially when it comes to your health, creates a rather special partnership.

In her one-on-one partnerships, Dr. Elaine helps you create your own conditions to move you toward a satisfying healthy lifestyle. Current on the latest medical research as well as the innovative practices from neuroscience and biochemistry and molecular cellular biology, helps her address all of your  the health need, while focusing on the connections between your body, mind and spirit.

Whether you need to detox, to address a specific medical concern or need an overall evaluation, she is able to bring her medical expertise and holistic practices to your specific situation. Many of her clients have sought her services when conventional methods have failed or when they felt unheard and their symptoms were disregarded by their physician, due to their failure to identify the cause.

Why Should You Consult With Dr. Ferguson?

† Do you want something more than what’s offered by conventional health care?

† Do you believe that there’s more to your health than treating it with drugs and surgery?

† Are you displeased with your treatment outcome?

† Do you want a doctor that will listen closely and carefully to you?

† Are you concerned about your medications, and side-effects and want to consider a clinically effective natural approach?

If so, your consultation with Dr. Ferguson is the physician you are looking for. She can place you on a pathway to healing and health improvement. You have the ability to heal and if you’re those gentle, natural interventions can help the body maintain and recover vitality and health.

Most of her clients seek out her assistance because they have a serious health condition and are not satisfied with their current treatment results.

Dr. Elaine does not provide primary medical care. Her consultative practice is available via telephone/Skype and is designed to complement, not replace your current care.  She is also available, if you desire, to discuss her recommendations with your treating physician(s), and provide substantial clinical research studies, published in medical journals that support them.

You may want to consult with Dr. Ferguson because:

† You want a physician who will carefully listen to you and is your healing partner.

† Find out about uncommonly recognized factors that might be causing or contributing to your health condition(s).

† Ask questions you couldn’t or haven’t asked your physician about nutrition, vitamin and other nutritional supplemental.

† Reduce your dependence on medications.

† Obtain a “second holistic opinion” about your condition.

† Receive comprehensive holistic treatment medicine treatment options.

† Develop a customized holistic treatment program for your condition.

† You have tried alternative/complementary therapies and a more comprehensive approach.

† Get a thorough overview of possible conventional and alternative diagnostic lab tests that help identify factors that may contribute to your health problem.


During your consultation, you will complete multiple questionnaires, based on your health condition, and she will review your medical records.  This information will help her make a thorough assessment of your current health,  that will assist her in creating your personalized, comprehensive holistic plan to achieve your health goals, based on your needs, goals, and preferences.  Your holistic plan will to help you create a healthy internal environment that will allow your body to function with ease, as it was designed.  The recommendations given are designed to heal and regenerate the unhealthy environment which created dysfunction and lead to your dis-ease (physical and psychological).


Dr. Elaine talks about the importance of vitamin D.

Dr. Elaine knows the importance of nutrition and supplementation, while realizing your nutrition is just one component of a vibrant health plan. She connects the importance of addressing your belief system. In a deeply meaningful and safe environment, she walks the you down the path of unearthing belief systems and thought patterns that may be hindering progress and keeping you from achieving your goals.

While this is not therapy, there is a science behind learning to change your behavior and habits through the power of thoughts, visualization, and mediation.

Benefits of Consulting With Dr. Elaine

  • A supportive environment to learn and practice the necessary components of a vibrant healthy lifestyle plan
  • A comprehensive, written individualized health improvement plan
  • Connecting personal purpose and value to the greater goal
  • A meaningful structure to obtain your goals
  • Inspiration and practical tools to transform your life
  • Compassionate accountability to keep you on track
  • Empowering mindsets that propel you to the next level
  • Numerous clinically proven and effective resources, strategies, tools and techniques
  • A written report for your treating physician

Dr. Elaine would love to partner with you and provide a customized plan of practical tools, inspiration and a doctor’s prescribed dose of love to help you meet and exceed your goals.

holistic consulations

Here’s to your improving health and well-being!

Contact Dr. Elaine today! For more information, you can contact her at drelaine@drelaine.com, or by calling 219-465-7118 to schedule your consultation.