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Rise & Thrive™ Inner Circle for African American Professionals

Are YOU Tired of The Hurt & HARM Caused by YOUR Exposure to OFFICE RACISM?

Racism is the leading cause of chronic disease and premature death, and disproportionately impacts African American professionals, according to several studies.

Discover how to EFFECTIVELY protect, heal & shield yourself from racism’s health endangering and life-shortening impact.

You don’t have to suffer in silence, any longer!

You can overcome racism’s emotional and physical harm, your wounds can be healed!

Explore how to awaken your true health potential, the remarkable healing power that lies within your mind, body, and spirit to heal and overcome the hidden harm not only caused by your job, but also your life-long encounters.

It’s never too late to heal your pain!

Does this sound like you?

Do you feel trapped by Your Job & destined to suffer in silence?

Far too many African Americans have been led to believe this is their only option.  Does the experience of isolation, targeting, debilitating dehumanization, and regular rejection characterize your office environment? 

You are not alone! The question is, what are you willing to do to stop this massive internalization that is damaging your mind, body and spirit? 

Our special training is designed to not only give you the answers you need. It is the bright light at the end of a very long and painful tunnel that will help you to heal and resolve the harm.

Our Clients share their experiences...

"you have opened a sacred portal FoR healing... "

‘You are truly sent from heaven. I have been haunted by the silence from our community on the subject of racism in the form of a real action plan for healing.
“Someone finally, you have opened a sacred portal for healing over 400 years of pain and shame of carrying the invisible wounds of hatred. Also, thank you for deliberately changing the language of racism.”
-Iya Hervette


IYA Hervette-Small

Does This Sound Like You?


You’re a successful and competent professional. While at work you have felt targeted, rejected, dehumanized, isolated, and a host of other painful emotions. You’ve tried EVERYTHING to fit but you feel little, if any relief.


You used to waking up in the morning, dreading going to work. The pandemic’s unexpected blessing has allowed you to avoid the daily incidents that made your life so difficult. And you’ve found great relief from your exposure to everyday racism, in the sanctity of your home.


You know you’re health is deteriorating because of your job, but don’t know what to do.  You’ve experience a variety of symptoms, racing thoughts, rapid heart beats, difficulty sleeping, indigestion, muscle aches and pains, headaches, and anxiety to name a few,  because of your ongoing stress.


You want meaningful and lasting relief, freedom from the hateful harm.  You know in your heart there’s a better way.  And you’re ready to find it!

"We Bear Great Pain in Silence!"

You’re Not Fully Aware of the FACT that YOUR Health Is IN GRAVE DAnger Because...

Racism is the true silent killer and leading cause of premature death among African Americans! According to government data, each and every day 200 African Americans die prematurely!

You understandably believe you have no choice, because the situation is in control, and your painful reaction to it is inevitable.

You also feel you are alone, and that you must continue to grin and bear racism in silence. Racism feels overwhelming and unavoidable.  And you must continue to be exposed to this because you rely on the income your job provides.

You believe you have to grin and bear it…until racism comes to an end.

Right NOW...

Your Empowered Life

More Clients experiences...

"I Really Appreciate You, Your Caring Heart and Wealth of Knowledge... "


I really appreciate you, your caring heart and your wealth of knowledge that you consistently share with me. It means a lot. I appreciate being able to converse with you about my health journey and other issues facing us as people of color. It’s not often I find someone that is understanding and knowledgeable.


-D. Morrison


Imagine The Possiblity!

What if I Told You There IS a Better Way?

Imagine how you’d feel if you were free of the pain and fear you’ve carried for far too long. Imagine how you’ll feel when emotionally strong and empowered to rise above the challenging and racist situations, that were so painful for you to bear. Imagine walking into your office, attending meetings, responding to your colleagues and manager feeling fully empowered, protected and shielded from their toxic assaults! What would you do to attain this priceless, life-changing and health enhancing relief?

MEet Rise & Thrive's Creator

I'm Dr. Elaine Ferguson. I am passionately committed to helping you heal the harm racism has visited upon you. If you're tired of hurting and want real relief, I am here to help YOU achieve your goal!

Like you, I’ve experienced racism my entire life, in various forms and levels of intensity.  However, I was exposed to its full wrath when I finally encountered its most toxic and vicious forms during my medical education; it continued and expanded during my post-graduate training (residency); and has continued throughout my professional career. 

I’ve treated and counseled hundreds of African American patients, regarding their daily encounters of racism in the workplace, the vast majority were successful professionals making their way in corporate America, businesses and governmental agencies.

For many years, I thought of our responses as primarily stress related, which they are (and have come to realize, they are also much more). My patients benefited from the holistic stress reduction techniques and counseling I provided.  While my career as a pioneering holistic medicine physician, author, consultant, and physician executive flourished, one experience changed the course of my life.

A few years ago, an extremely vicious and unrelenting racist professional attack for three years threatened my health as well as my career and prompted me to use my healing program.  My profound relief and life-changing healing both physical and emotional, included a spiritual realization that’s guided and allowed me to fulfill a long-standing passionate desire to help relieve my people’s suffering at the hands of racism’s hidden and debilitating impact.

Now, I help our people around the world (our members are located in the US, UK, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe) heal and stop racism’s invisible wounds, the unavoidable, heart-wrenching anguish, seething rage, and ongoing trauma; overcome the intrusive impact caused by exposure to daily insults, verbal assaults, aggression, and hate; transform self-loathing and rejection into lasting self-love, and enhance their health, well-being and quality of life.

Our members are endowed and empowered, to embody the strength of our ancestors who survived and refused to die to effectively and efficiently triumph over racism’s insidious, internalized physiological violence, and life-endangering harm that is the leading cause of chronic physical disease, mental illness, and premature death.

This life-changing healing program was born the moment I realized I could help you and other professionals as I had finally discovered how to successfully heal my mind, body and spirit of racism’s toxic harm.

More Clients Share Their Experiences

Lydia Bodie

“Dr. Elaine is a transcendent, authentic Superhealer, bringing her multi-dimensional gifts to offer spiritual wholeness and wellness to those traumatized by racism.  She reaches and teaches us all about the connectedness of our humanity and touches the essence of each heart space in relevant, effective, purposed, and transformative ways.

                              -Lydia Bodie-Rice

James Curbeam, TNBC Chairman

“Dr. Elaine has brought a powerful perspective in our organization’s discussions about race and racial justice. She is not only a superb medical doctor, but is a great advocate for underrepresented communities. She has a gift of uplifting our members, and helping them find practical ways to heal and empower. You will not be disappointed!”
– James Curbeam, President Teamsters’ National Black Caucus



“Dr. Elaine is a leader. She is exceptionally well-qualified to lead on health and wellness issues. She has pursued a lifelong passion for developing holistic solutions to the problems that we as African-Americans have faced. She brings a unique perspective to the world of science and medicine, and their impact on the daily lives of African-Americans.”

-Denise Barton, Esq.


The Rise & Thrive™ Inner circle For African American PrOFessionals

Our ground-breaking, effective, holistic healing program is designed specifically to help YOU effectively and efficiently protect, heal and shield yourself from your ongoing exposure to your daily encounters of on the job racism, and beyond.

Your transformational Opportunity

Here's What You'll Learn

Our Rise & Thrive™ Inner Circle program provides you with an all-encompassing, comprehensive, and ground-breaking holistic approach, a plethora and vast array of resources and meaningful support to help you heal the internalized harm and the hidden wounds you’ve lived with for far too long.

You will discover the vital truth about your infinite healing capacity, and how to awaken and more fully express it to more fully express  your true health potential to experience and the long-overdue healing and relief you desire and deserve.  You will move forward with immense confidence knowing how to protect and shield yourself from future harm.

Pillar 1

Make A Meaningful & Lasting Healing Decision

You’ll learn the significance of setting an intention and how it effects you body, mind, and spirit to help you more easily achieve your goal.

Pillar 2

Letting Go of the Harm

You’ll discover the key role detoxification plays in healing your wounds.



Providing not only your body, but your mind and spirit with an array of essential nutrients that includes food and nutritional supplements, and also the emotional and spiritual nutrients that support, enhance and strengthen your cellular and cognitive functioning, while also enhancing your spiritual well-being.




Vibrant Self-Acceptance

Self-love is the most important healing ingredient. You can do all of the right things, but if you do not love yourself, which is no easy task while living in a racist environment, you will never heal completely or experience optimal health and well-being. 


Let Your Healing Unfold & Evolve

Create your individualized healing plan as your healing journey expands.

You are NOT alone!

Our Inspired and....


You will quickly discover the heart of your journey is grounded in the truth that you are no longer alone! Throughout our time together, you will receive the support, feedback and insights needed to achieve your goals; to meet and overcome resistance; and to allow yourself the opportunity to savor the true wonder of your healing adventure.

YOUR Powerful Support SYStem

Our three-pronged support system, first and foremost relieves you of the sense of isolation, loneliness and despair that has previously contributed to your distress.  You will be fully embraced with the experience of a loving and generous community that recognizes and honors your precious being, unique gifts and talent.

A Safe & Sacred Healing Space

Our healing circle calls alone have been life-changing spaces for many members, who for the first time experienced a sacred, loving and accepting place to share their experiences, and relieve their pain.

A place of learning, & Transformation

Our in-depth calls explore your lesson topics and other aspects of your healing journey, with intuitive insights, unprecedented candid and in-depth discussions.


Unparalleled Member Engagement

Our member forums provide you with an opportunity to more fully engage in the support and explorations that began during your healing circle and group coaching calls. 


Learn at the pace that works for YOU

Immersive Healing & Coaching Calls

Supportive Accountability

Unlimited access to the resource Library


Now YOU KNOW THERE IS a Better Way!

Imagine waking up in the morning, feeling rested and revitalized, prepared to meet your day with true confidence, strength. Imagine how you’d feel knowing you and more than enough, feeling your self-worth and value, untouched by those who’ve harmed you.

Imagine experiencing peace of mind and the ability to not only endure, but to transcend, the forces that have previously assaulted and dehumanized you. 

A Unique, Revolutionary and Groundbreaking Program

This is a Priceless, Unique and Invaluable OPPORTUNITY of a Life-time !

Is the Inner CIrcle for Me?

This is NOT for you if:

This is perfect for you if:

Featured in:

Discover 5 Life-Changing Holistic Principles & Set Your Health Free!

The principles I’ve used to help thousands of patients and clients awaken their true health potential are now available to you to heal the health endangering harm caused by your experiences of racism.

Rev. Philippe Matthews

"She has shown me ...that I/we don't have to continue suffering this burden."

“Goddess Dr. Elaine Ferguson is a force of nature! Her truth about medicine, epigenetics, and superhealing is amazing! She has in-depth knowledge about how and why Africans/African Americans can heal themselves from the domestic terror of racism. Dr. Ferguson’s brilliant mind and loving spirit is needed by our people suffocating under the weight of racism. She is my personal health advisor and has personally shown me that I/we don’t have to continue suffering this burden. We deserve to set ourselves free.”


"Dr. Ferguson's program has been a gift worth sharing."

“For over 30 years I worked in industry-leading companies, often one of a handful of African American managers, or the only African American senior manager in the board room.  I developed a numbness from suppressing my disdain with the many micro-aggressions witnessed and experienced during that time.

I’ve spent the last nine months in Dr. Ferguson’s healing circle and over time I have deeply reconnected with my spirit.  Others have noticed I am more calm under stress, patient with my family, friends, and business associates, and have a happy energy. Dr. Ferguson’s program has been a gift worth sharing.”


Brian Lacey

James M. CHilds, Jr. Esq

"I DIdn't know what I needed to heal until you showed us The Way."

“I didn’t know what was missing in my life until I joined the circle.  I didn’t know what needed to heal until you showed us the way.”

"I am immensely grateful!"

“The healing circles were quite an amazing experience and I am looking forward to continuing with them. 

“I want to thank you for graciously accepting the responsibility that has been delegated to you by the ancestors, for letting the divine speak through you and for relaying their message to us.   I now have a more expanded and comforting understanding of the concept ‘privilege vs opportunity’.
“Despite all that is being done to us by the greater society, we keep rising. We do not hate anybody, we do not envy anybody and we do not even want to retaliate against anyone. No matter what, we keep our heads high and we keep moving forward under the guidance of the Supreme. How could we not be the privileged ones? Thank you for that lesson. I am immensely grateful!”

Samuel G

Olive Lewis

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am still smiling from our awesome connection yesterday. Thank you for your love and warmth. I can still feel the energy of our bonding and how each meeting our group are becoming stronger in our connections.

What l find so powerful, is that no matter who shares one of us will have a story that follows on from the next person. I get goose bumps just thinking of it and how strong the healing  circle is becoming.”

"This Was one of my best Decisions..."

“I first came across Dr Elaine watching the Hidden Truth shows that Andrew Muhammad hosts. She had such a calming and regal way about her and spoke straight to my heart. Then the opportunity to join a healing circle came. I did deliberate about it as I didn’t really feel I had anything to heal with when it came to racism. However I was intrigued enough and joined. 

“This was one of my best decisions as I came as a very apprehensive and narrow minded person but now my mind has been opened up more to the possibilities. 
“I realized I was not alone in my experiences and the healing circles became such an important fixture in my months that I made sure that I did not miss any and I spoke about it. I have learnt to be nicer to loved ones who I want to do better. Showering them with love. 
“In these healing circles Dr Elaine provides the perfect platform for all of us to be comfortable to speak without judgement and in fact most of us have helped each other. One other member of the circle said what I said to her really helped and this really touched me. Things have happened also where as I now stand on my own 2 feet more in my profession and surrounded myself more with people I resonate with as to opposes what the company might want. 
“I’m living in my truth a lot more and I will go after my dreams more as I’m a lot more confident. Thanks Dr Elaine and I recommend anyone going on one of her courses. She is like a spiritual guide. I will always appreciate communicating to me what my grandma was thinking of me. This really has put me at ease and reduced the heartache I suffered growing up and in my grandma’s transformation. 

-Jamie King

now That you know you have a choice... what Are You Going to Do?

Will You Continue As Before, or Will You Stop Hurting and Start Healing?

Apply Now!

Here’s What Happens When You Apply

Our program has limited space, to allow maximal client support.  Your application will be reviewed within 24-48 hours.

Application SUbmission

Complete your training application and submit. Review your submission email and contact us if you have any questions.


application review

We will review your application and notify you of our decision within 1-2 business days.

Training access

Your acceptance email will include access to our the next scheduled live online training session.

If You are Ready To HEAL here's...

MY Promise to YoU

I am here to help you achieve a remarkable, sometimes unbelievable goal of overcoming and healing racism’s pernicious harm on your health and well-being.  Before today, while you may have wanted such relief, believing racism had to end, before you could experience it, we will help you to effectively and efficiently make a profound transformational mindset shift that will empower you with confidence, resilience, peace of mind and health that you may have never imagined was possible for you….until NOW!

Apply NOW!

Rise & Thrive Inner Circle Member Application

Please take a few minutes to complete your qualifying application.  We are very excited to see if you’re a good fit to work with us and launch your healing journey. Please take a minute or two to complete the form below so we can learn more about you! Give us as much explanation as possible. This is your chance to let us know if you’re a good match for our life-changing, comprehensive healing program.

IMPORTANT Questions & Meaningful Answers

As you will learn during our training African American professionals are disproportionately impacted by their daily exposure to workplace discrimination, and are sicker and die even younger in comparison to our broader community. 

We do have programs for our entire African American community.

The Inner Circle is an  ongoing 12 month year program. 

The healing and relief you seek occurs in stages.  The vast majority of our members begin to feel relief as soon as they make the decision to join.  They intuitively feel relief is on the way.  During the first weeks of their journey, our members have found in particular that our safe and sacred healing circles provide a profound and unexpected level of healing and relief. 

This is a healing journey, and we do our very best to give you the exceptional resources that will give you the greatest opportunity to achieve your specific healing goals.

Your fear is understandable, and it keeps you in harms way.  Because its been so painful for you, as it is with all of us, you will continue to suffer and your health and well-being will be harmed. 

If you dare to consider the truth, that you are capable and have the inner resources to overcome anything life brings you, including the pain and suffering your experiences of racism have visited upon you, your healing journey has already begun. 

One of the critical keys to overcoming our fears is  considering our pain from a broader context. Think about your personal and our collective ancestors, and what they survived in order for us to be here today. Their brilliant survival, is our beacon and will help you to transcend your fears.

Ultimately, everything happens at the right time.  Trust your inner voice will guide you to do what’s right for you at the right time.

No worries.  Before you make any decision,  we recommend completing the training first, and then you can make a decision.  The fact that you want to do it is the most important aspect of your dilemma.  Sometimes, our unconscious fears attempt to protecting us, by delaying our healing.  

Ultimately, everything happens at the right time.  Trust your inner voice will guide you to do what’s right for you at the right time.

Because I have healed and witnessed the healing of many women and men, who were courageous and brave to take hold of this life-changing opportunity.

Upon receipt of your application, we will send additional preparatory information to you.  Most importantly, it is vital to approach your training and healing opportunity with an open mind.

That’s entirely up to you and the effort that you make.  Remember, you are taking on an epic, unprecedented experience.  This is by no means a fast action, get it done as quickly as posssible experience.  While we understand and sympathize with your desired relief.

We do have rapid relief resources, that are a part of your life-changing experience, but it is only one component.  We thoughtfully created a program to give you your best opportunity not only to heal the hidden wounds racism has visited upon you, that’s your first step. The second phase of your journey is the understanding that healing your wounds will give you the space and grace to not only improve your health and well-being, and prevent the compounded harm, but to also fulfill your life purpose and more easily achieve your important goals.

Because decades of medical research has determined this unfortunate fact, regarding premature death and the increased incidence of chronic health conditions.  While there are many other factors, that impact our health, he data has established a clear and undeniable link to our everyday exposures to racism and an increased incidence of chronic conditions, and a shortened life span, especially among African American professionals.

That’s a beautiful sentiment and your loving concern is commendable.  However, if they’re not interested or ready to join you in this exploration, the most loving thing you can do is to begin your healing journey, and become an example and beacon of possibility as your healing unfolds before them.  They will see the difference in you and your healing may lead to them to become more open and interested.

We recognize you are a busy professional, and designed this program to maximize your time and healing.  You will have weekly 60-90 minute calls; and should spend 30-60 minutes a day (and you can break  it in 15 minute increments) to do your lessons and engage the provided healing resources and techniques.

Get in touch

Don’t See Your Question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the our training and healing program, you can contact me at and I’ll respond within 1-2 business days.

NOW IS THe Time to...