My  Life’s  Calling

I still vividly recall the date and time, when I was 10 years old, I decided I wanted to become a doctor.  The idea literally descended into my mind, in response to my neighbor’s question, “What do you want to be when you grow up? In that moment, I knew it was perfect fit for my inquisitive mind, and the love I’ve held in my heart as a child for others.  My parent’s guidance , support,  and their wonderful example of giving and serving others,  inspired me to do the same.

Growing up and watching television programs about doctors, I believed I’d learn how to help my  patients to improve their health. I waited and waited for the health lectures.  Buzzer, please—bzzzzzzz. That didn’t happen.  Words cannot adequately describe my great disappointment.    In my heart I knew that something very important was missing in my education. I never heard one lecture on how to create health during my seven years in medical school and residency training. My education and training sole focus was about diagnosing and managing  disease symptoms.

The seeds planted in my frustrated response, and my burning desire to discover how I could help my patients—not only to helping to improve their symptoms but also to create true health and well-being—launched my remarkable journey that continues to this day.  We now know that focusing on improving our health through the body alone is like sailing a sailboat with three masts with only one  open. Healing becomes superhealing when all three sails are unfurled and catching the wind.

I have practiced holistic medicine in the Chicago area for over 30 years.  Far more important and meaningful to me than all of my achievements and credentials is my passionate calling to help you live create the good health you desire and deserve.  

My approach to medicine is holistic and integrative, and it includes a broad range of therapies that engage and empower my patients, from nutritional supplements and tai chi to volunteering, listening to music, and engaging in meditation and prayer.

You have an amazing body.  One that is designed to function with ease.  Your health is your greatest wealth, and your life, like the lives of others, is a precious gift. It is a blessing to be alive and to experience the joy that only thriving vitality can bring.

I  want to share with you how to help your body activate the healing response on every level of your being—mind, body, and spirit—so that they work together to reverse more advanced disease processes. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to witness the tremendous innate healing ability that we all possess.

I’ve witnessed miracles-cancers deemed terminal suddenly disappear from bodies racked with pain and anguish. I’ve seen the dead return to life, their bodies remarkably unaffected by their death experiences. I’ve watched little children—premature babies too tiny to exist on their own outside an incubator—survive against insurmountable odds.

Information and education about the internal intelligence that creates miracles of health and healing need to be available to you—and they are, when superhealing is engaged.

My Goal is to Help You Live Your Best Life and Realize Your Potential By Experiencing Optimal Health and Radiant Well-Being!

I work with patients to promote their health and well-being. I bucked the system of symptom suppression – the foundation of our current healthcare system. During med school and residency, I often found myself asking, “Why?”

Why not focus on nutrition to activate the body’s miraculous self-healing system?

Why not add the right minerals and vitamins to aid in the cellular healing process?

Why not focus on the issue that is CAUSING the symptoms and cure those issues, not suppress the problem?

And, why don’t we treat patients as people rather than statistics or “cases” in bed A?

I empower self-care with my patients and the results have been nothing short of miraculous - the way our bodies have been made!

Your health is governed by every aspect of your life-nutrition, environment, intellect, emotion, lifestyle, and spirituality. When you adopt a great attitude, provide your body with sufficient minerals and feed it with SELF LOVE - healing is the result.

Dr. Elaine explores the impact that love can have

The Superhealing Approach

A Superhealing approach sees disease as an important message that you need to deal with. Holistic medicine enables good health to emerge. It also allows you to be treated as a precious individual - not your body in isolation. It addresses the cause rather than the symptoms.

Your Superhealing comes from within. It is a manifestation of your soul essence - the core of unconditional love.

My Career Highlights

I am a pioneer in the field of integrative and holistic medicine, a graduate of Brown University, Duke University School of Medicine and completed my post-graduate training at the University of Chicago. During my trailblazing career, I was the founding medical director of the nation’s first Independent Practice Association (IPA) of chiropractors to provide primary care in a managed care setting (with significant health improvements and cost savings, and practiced holistic family medicine at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I taught mind-body medicine at one of the nation’s first graduate level holistic medicine programs, and health courses at several universities. While serving as the medical director of governmental agencies, I designed innovative cutting wellness and employee health programs.

My PBS pledge special SuperHealing Secrets is currently airing nationwide, and I've written several books, including most recently, the international bestseller SuperHealing: Engaging Your Mind, Body, and Spirit to Create Optimal Health and Well-Being. As a wellness consultant, I've lectured extensively at conferences, universities and medical schools, consulted with businesses, government agencies, not-for-profits, faith based organizations, and testified on a Congressional alternative medicine panel.

I love to express myself creatively through painting, textile arts (knitting and crocheting), gardening, and writing (poetry and novels).

I'm currently a member of the following:

  • American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Lung Association
  • ChildLife Network American Red Cross
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

I also contribute to the following publications:

  • Huffington Post – Healthy Living Blog
  • Alternative Medicine Digest Medicine Magazine