Almost Two Years Later, Are You Feeling The Same Overwhelm, exhaustion, Pain and Suffering Because You're Still Living in a racist society?

The global outpouring of support has come and gone.

Beyond the tragic deaths at the hands of the police and vigilantes, discover the truth about hate’s pervasive and devastating impact. 

Imagine a fully loaded jumbo jet with 200 passengers and crew taking off and crashing today.  And the same thing happened every day next week, and every day next month, and every day for the rest of the year. 

This is the poisonous and hidden impact racism has on our people in these United States. Every single day over 200 African Americans die prematurely due to their exposure to racism!

Is racism making you sick?

Are your daily experiences chipping away your human dignity, and increasing your risk of developing chronic diseases? 

Are you tired of the ending parade of painful deaths and anniversaries including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbrey, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, James Byrd, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Dr. King,  Emmet Till, the 4 little girls in Birmingham, to name a few?

Let’s not forget the anniversaries commemorating the destruction of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street;  Rosewood, FL; Elaine, Arkansas; Chicago;  Wilmington, NC, and Detroit that occurred between 1865 and 1950.

If you’ve had ENOUGH, if you’re exhausted and emotionally distressed by the news of the latest death at the hands of the police, quietly worried this could happen to one of your loved ones, we are here to uplift, inspire, empower and help you to overcome racism’s invisible and devastating health impact.

Is Racism Harming Your Health?

Yes, it is!  The problem is, while you may feel it acutely, you don’t realize it’s long-term impact.

Did you know that your exposure to racism is the most toxic and influential health risk factor you’re exposed to?

It is the leading cause of chronic disease and premature death among African Americans.

 Beyond the pandemic, our physical and mental health and beyond our personal experiences, our constant exposure to murders of unarmed black men at the hands of police  is traumatic and triggers additional pain and suffering.

Do you experience  physical distress, feel emotionally drained or exhausted, experience anxiety, difficulty sleeping, or rapid fire negative thoughts? 

Are you worried about leaving your home, not only due to the pandemic, but because you fear you might experience a violent racist encounter?  And are you worried about your loved ones for the same reason?

Do you dread watching the news?  Or are you avoiding it, because you’re tired being constantly bombarded by the unending reports of violent, hate crimes?

Are you tired of hurting, and experiencing the pain of living in a racist society, that’s  taking a toll?

Have you ever thought about or considered healing the harm racism has caused you?

Hit Play And watch THE Stunning 60 Minutes Report on the Truth About Racism's Toxic impact on our Physical & Mental Health!

You're not alone!

It Really Does not Matter If You're Rich or Poor, well-Educated or Not... Your Experiences of Racism are Damaging your HEALTH!

While the CDC, American Public Health Association, and other organizations have declared racism a public health crisis, we can’t afford to wait for the implementation of their recommendations. 

Our minds and bodies have been poisoned in so many ways by the lies of racism and “white supremacy.”

How often do you experience shame, humiliation, anger, frustration, helplessness or the victimization of racism? This is not only yours, but our collective and unavoidable reality.

If you’re ready to take a giant step in the direction of healing relief, stopping the pain and severe emotional distress you’ve lived with, we are here to help you begin healing your profound wounds caused by the impact racism has imposed upon your precious being.

You might think healing your wounds is impossible, it’s too hard, too painful, too big, too, overwhelming, too_______      (you fill in the blank) to even consider setting yourself free of racism’s harm.

However….I invite you to consider this…


Imagine the Possibility....

What if You Could Set YourSelf Free?

Imagine if it were possible to be free of your pain. Imagine feeling empowered, safe and protected from the unrelenting emotional harm racism causes?  What if you knew you had the capacity to face any situation, confident, calm and free of the automatic distress that causes your body great harm?

How would you feel, if you had the resources to help you to stand in YOUR HEALING EMPOWERMENT to prevent, protect and shield yourself from similar future harm?

The truth is you don’t have to suffer in silence anymore!

You don’t have to feel your heart pounding, the sunken feeling in the pit of your gut when you’re under attack, or the racing, out of control thoughts of humiliation that tell you you’re not good enough, and there’s nothing you can do but suffer in silence, or the boiling, searing rage as it surges through your veins, that happens after experiencing yet another episode of an unacceptable dehumanizing encounter.

Your healing is NOW upon YOU !

Begin your healing journey and discover how to protect, heal and shield your mind, body, and spirit from hate’s toxic harm.  Learn how to create meaningful and enduring health and well-being!

Now- You have a choice!

You can continue, as you are, living with the ongoing risk of health harm due to your exposure to racism.  Or you can choose to heal and begin your healing journey.

You can choose to learn how to control racism, or allow it to continue to control you.

LET YOUR HEaling Begin!


Rise & Thrive Healing Circles!

Join our groundbreaking, and revolutionary healing movement and discover the truth about racism, how to overcome it and how to begin your healing journey NOW!

Your Healing Circle Calls

What You'll Receive...

During our bimonthly 60-90 minute healing circle calls, you’ll discover the truth about racism, how it impacts your health and well-being, and how to get immediate relief from the harm it has visited upon you. 

Our live healing circles will be your safe harbor and sacred space to begin your healing journey.  We will explore important topics, share important healing information and techniques, and set aside time for you to express yourself and for us to answer your questions.

Far too often, especially in the workplace, and during this pandemic, you may have felt alone. You are NOT alone!

The primary goal of our healing circles is to create a safe space, a community of sharing and support to assist your healing journey.

Healing Circle Topics

Topic #1

Healing This Moment's Wounds

Healing Our Ongoing Pain:

We will address and explore the grief and promise triggered by the tragic murders in 2020 of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others that captured humanity’s attention and prompted an outpouring of support around the globe. 

Topic #2

Racism & Our Health

Racism & Our Health:

Racism is the leading cause of death among African Americans.  It harms our physical health and emotional well-being increasing our risk of developing chronic diseases and early death.

Topic #3

Workplace Racism

Blatant Racism At Work

Discover how to begin addressing racist encounters in an effective and protective way, instead of allowing it to trigger an automatic, emotionally toxic severe distress response.

Workplace racism is the place that has the most impact on our health.  We feel exposed, helpless, targeted, and deeply harmed by their experiences.

Topic #4

Current & Significant Events

The Unavoidable Events That Wreak Emotional Havoc

Together, we’ll explore the latest impactful events, that affect our collective, African American experience. The challenging news stories that touch our hearts and often exacerbates our pain. .

Topic #5

Healing Family Wounds

Transcending Our Generational & Intergenerational Wounds

For centuries, our families have been under attack. We were separated and deprived the opportunity to express the importance of our family ties as our ancestors have done since the dawn of humanity.

Family dynamics are challenging, in general.  Racism adds insults to family injury, exacerbating human experience, with the added despair our loved ones experience in this toxic and dehumanizing environment, as they simply attempt to make their way through their lives.

Imagine Your Lasting Relief!

Imagine, where will your health be 1, 3, 5, even 10 years from now if you continue to suffer in silence?

Will it cut short your days or this earth as it does for 200 African Americans each day?

Will you eventually develop high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression, diabetes, or some other unwanted health condition?

Now that you’re aware of this groundbreaking healing opportunity, please consider the possibility what your participation in these healing circles will do for you…

-You will have the information and foundation to begin to create a healing mindset that will relieve you of your pain, heal your wounds and give you the tools to effectively protect, heal, and shield yourself from racism’s toxic harm.

Truth be told, this is a priceless, life-changing healing opportunity. One you may have never imagined was possible…before today.

If you’re committed, you’ll gain access to these priceless healing circles with a very reasonable. low cost enrollment fee!.

We’re doing this to make this life-changing healing  opportunity available to as many people as possible!

We’re doing this because your healing is the reason we created the program and launched this important healing movement.

Raise Your Hand If You're Ready to Begin Your Healing Journey!

What would You Willingly Do To Achieve Lasting Relief?

 What are you willing to invest in yourself to gain access to a priceless opportunity to begin your healing journey-one you didn’t really know was possible before today? 

You’ll have access to a treasure trove of healing information, tools and resources that will help you begin to heal the wounds triggered by racism, you’ve been led to believe were unavoidable, and destined to last the rest of your life.

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(One per Month)


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“Goddess Dr. Elaine Ferguson is a force of nature! Her truth about medicine, epigenetics, and superhealing is amazing! She has in-depth knowledge about how and why Africans/African Americans can heal themselves from the domestic terror of racism. Dr. Ferguson’s brilliant mind and loving spirit is needed by our people suffocating under the weight of racism. She is my personal health advisor and has personally shown me that I/we don’t have to continue suffering this burden. We deserve to set ourselves free.”


‘You are truly sent from heaven. I have been haunted by the silence from our community on the subject of racism in the form of a real action plan for healing.
“Someone finally, you have opened a sacred portal for healing over 400 years of pain and shame of carrying the invisible wounds of hatred. Also, thank you for deliberately changing the language of racism.”


-IYA HervettE

“Dr. Elaine has brought a powerful perspective in our organization’s discussions about race and racial justice. She is not only a superb medical doctor, but is a great advocate for underrepresented communities. She has a gift of uplifting our members, and helping them find practical ways to heal and empower. You will not be disappointed!”


James Curbeam, chairman of the teamsters national black caucus

“Dr. Elaine is a leader. She is exceptionally well-qualified to lead on health and wellness issues. She has pursued a lifelong passion for developing holistic solutions to the problems that we as African-Americans have faced. She brings a unique perspective to the world of science and medicine, and their impact on the daily lives of African-Americans.”

Denise Barton, Esq.

Dr. Elaine is a transcendent, authentic Superhealer, bringing her multi-dimensional gifts to offer spiritual wholeness and wellness to those traumatized by racism.  She reaches and teaches us all about the connectedness of our humanity and touches the essence of each heart space in relevant, effective, purposed, and transformative ways.


“I first came across Dr Elaine watching the Hidden Truth shows that Andrew Muhammad hosts. She had such a calming and regal way about her and spoke straight to my heart. Then the opportunity to join a healing circle came. I did deliberate about it as I didn’t really feel I had anything to heal with when it came to racism. However I was intrigued enough and joined. 

“This was one of my best decisions as I came as a very apprehensive and narrow minded person but now my mind has been opened up more to the possibilities. 
“I realized I was not alone in my experiences and the healing circles because such an important fixture in my months that I made sure that I did not miss any and I spoke about it. I have learnt to be nicer to loved ones who I want to do better. Showering them with love. 
“In these healing circles Dr Elaine provides the perfect platform for all of us to be comfortable to speak without judgement and in fact most of us have helped each other. One other member of the circle said what I said to her really helped and this really touched me. Things have happened also where as I now stand on my own 2 feet more in my profession and surrounded myself more with people I resonate with as to opposes what the company might want. 
“I’m living in my truth a lot more and I will go after my dreams more as I’m a lot more confident. Thanks Dr Elaine and I recommend anyone going on one of her courses. She is like a spiritual guide. I will always appreciate communicating to me what my grandma was thinking of me. This really has put me at ease and reduced the heartache I suffered growing up and in my grandmas transformation. 

Are The Healing Circles Right for You?

This is perfect for you if:

This is not for you if:

From Our International Healing Partner

Hotep my beautiful queen!!!

I intentionally waited to send you this email. I wanted to get feedback from those who attended and the feedback was amazing!!!! Words like, ” in awe, “inspired,” ” heavenly,” and “magical,” were being used. They so love you queen. This was so heart warming to hear. 

One sister said that the libation sent her into space and connected her with the ancestors. Another sister said her special moment was the meditation. She said it penetrated every cell within her.

We thank you queen, Allah has made you specially for us in the UK!

Thank you xxxx


-ANDREW MUHAMMAD, Facilitator Rise & Thrive Healing Circles UK &  “The Investigator,” Hidden Truth Director

Here’s what happens when you Enroll

Join the Healing Circles!

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Receive an email with all the details

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Get Access our Rise & Thrive Community Forum and Resource Library

When you join, you’ll  receive immediate access to our community forum that includes our healing resource library, containing an array of tools, techniques and information to assist your healing journey.

Healing Circle Member Testimonials

“This was a profound and powerful experience.  I have always felt alone.  Now I know I’m not.  I am so grateful you created this healing circle.!”  -Samuel G

“Dr. Elaine, you’ve created an awesome healing space.  One we didn’t realize we all needed.  We carry the burden of racism in isolation and in silence.  We didn’t know what we were looking for, until you shared this powerful opportunity with us.

“The circle allowed me to speak my truth in a safe, sacred space. I can’t thank you enough for bringing this powerful healing space to life.”  -James C


“The 8 Rise & Thrive Healing Circles changed my life!  I no longer feel isolated and alone.  I am stronger and can face my challenges with great confidence.  Not only those regarding racism, but life’s challenges in general.

“During the circles, I truly felt loved and supported, and I am looking forward to continuing my  healing journey with you!”                    

  -Sandy S

"You are more than Your worst experiences. You are the overcomer! You are not The victim of Your experiences. You are the victor who Is here to bear witness To The truth."

And Finally, Dr. Williams Reveals The Devastating Impact Police Killings Has on our Mental Health!

Meet Your Healing Guide

Meet "Dr. Elaine"

I’m Elaine R. Ferguson, M.D.,  an Ivy-League trained physician, pioneer in the field of holistic and integrative medicine, PBS host and best-selling author. I’ve helped thousands of patients and clients awaken their true health potential through my unique and comprehensive holistic healing approach.

While I’ve encountered racism throughout my life, a particularly challenging and ongoing experience prompted me to engage the same powerful principles I’ve used to help thousands of patients and clients  to heal the toxic health impact  this experience was having on my health. 

Now I help people of African descent around the world heal their profoundly harmful invisible wounds it triggers to rise above, heal them, and ultimately to thrive.

As seen on:

Frequently Asked Questions

No worries.  If you have a question, you can submit  it at least  24 hours before the circle, it will be added to our question pool.

The circles will be recorded and available for you to listen to at your convenience for the term of your membership.

No.  Due to the very sensitive and personal nature of our healing circles, we have concluded it is best for the sake of maintaining our member’s privacy and creating a safe healing space, not to record these sessions. 

No.  Due to the very sensitive and personal nature of our healing circles, we have concluded it is best for the sake of maintaining our member’s privacy and creating a safe healing space, not to record these sessions. 

Since we are offering a  live programs, in this instance webinars with,  non-tangible online programs, this access  cannot be returned or exchanged.

We sadly cannot issue refunds after the live webinars begin, or after you’ve received access to the recordings.

If you wish to cancel your subscription up to 24 hours prior to the first webinar, you may do so.


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You are here on earth to live life fully and with Great JoY!

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