Rise & Thrive Healing Immersions, Webinars, Self-Paced, and Introductory Programs

Summer 2022 OUR LIVE Online Healing Immersions!

Online SUPERHEAling Retreats

If you are living with a significant health challenge or ready to make immediate, significant change, our one day intensives are a deep dive and healing immersion into transformational change.

From heart disease, cancer, diabetes, immune system health, to burn out and exhaustion, your one (or 2 day) intensive can immediately set you on the right healing track. 

rise & Thrive online Healing Immersions

Identity Healing

1 Day Retreat

Details Coming Soon!

Rapid Relief From Toxic Workplace Racism

1 Day Retreat

Details Coming Soon!


1 Day Retreat

Details Coming Soon!

Also COMING SumMer 2022 Self-Paced Learning COURSE

Self-paced Healing Courses

Our self-study courses range from 3-12 months and are based on the 5 pillars of Superhealing that guides and informs all of our healing efforts.Our signature course, the B.R.A.V.E. Transformational Mindset Shift will begin SUMMER 2022. It is the core curriculum, designed to give you a comprehensive and holistic approach to healing your mind: detoxifying, repairing, renewing and revitalizing your mind. You will learn how to become and empowered thriver, one who knows how to protect, heal and shield from racism’s harm, at your own pace

Once you’ve healed your mind, we advise and encourage our members to take our next 6 month course, We also offer the continued learning opportunity, our SuperHealing Code course. 

You will not only be equipped with the mindset, emotional healing resources, tools, and techniques to interrupt and prevent racism’s foreboding harm.  We lay the foundation for long-term health enhancement and well-being using a proven path to define obstacles and engage effective strategies; a supportive environment and community to help you heal  and more effectively in a hostile environment that threatens their worth, identity, and existence. 


B.R.A.V.E. Transformational Mindset Shift

Heal Your Mind

This program will share with you a comprehensive, intensive mindset healing program, that will give you everything you need to transform your current mindset that was shaped and molded by your experiences of racism, and allow you the opportunity to awaken your inner resources to not only become an empowered thriver, and to also protect, heal and shield your health from future harm.

The SuperHealing Code

Experience Optimal Health

Superhealing is an approach to engaging your magnificent mind, amazing body and indomitable spirit in order to experience optimal health and radiant well-being.  It is a comprehensive, holistic blueprint, based on the latest evidence based research, and my experiences of practicing medicine for several decades.

Future CourSes

Expand & Evolve Your Healing Path

Is there anything we missed?  Please let us know your needs, ideas and suggestions about programs, courses and services that would help you overcome the harm racism has visited upon you.

Upcoming Rise & Thrive Webinars

Healing WeBinars

Our Rise & Thrive webinars focus on particular health related topics (physical, mental, and spiritual) to provide our participants with a foundation to more fully understand racism’s impact and to provide critical resources to begin healing, expand upon self-care practices, and to protect and shield from harm.

Coming Soon!

Emancipate Your Health From Mental Slavery

90 Minute session

An indepth review of the psychological and emotional harm racism has visited upon us historically and currently.  This webinar also explores how to begin your healing journey and shares easy to engage resources that will interrupt automatic stress reactions.

Renew Your Health 2022

90 Minute Session

As we emerge from the pandemic, your health is more important now than ever.  We will explore the latest research that supports and expands upon a comprehensive, holistic approach to creating optimal health and well-being,based on the principles of Superhealing

Healing Ancestral And Family Wounds

90 Minute Session

We stand on the shoulders of giants! This webinar is an initial exploration created to honor the triumphant resilience of our ancestors, while acknowledging their remarkable ability to survive the unspeakable horrors of the African holocaust.


Let's Heal Together!

Our initial effort to assist as many sisters and brothers as possible, offers two comprehensive group healing/coaching programs:

1. Rise & Thrive Live! All Rise Inner Circle

This program provides the fundamental and basic healing components during our 6-12 month program.  We initially focus on healing the mind, and focus on our B.R.A.V.E. Mindset Shift course with support–transformational coaching calls and healing circle calls.

2. We Rise Inner Circle for Professionals

Because African American professionals bear the greatest brunt of the burden, primarily due to their exposure to office racism, this program is We Rise on steroids, to provide as much support, resources, inspiration and assistance as possible.

Rise & THRIvE Introductory Gift Webinars

Don't know Where to Begin?

Our introductory gift webinars explore a variety of important topics:

1. The Truth About Racism

2. Medicine, Science & Racism

3. Historic Trauma, Epigenetics and Healing

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