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Do you feel that you're an Imposter Coach?

Are you new to the coaching field, or have you practiced for a while, and still have yet to feel like a fully endowed and competent coach?

Are you helping your clients achieve their goals to the best of your ability?  Or are you hiding behind a facade of expertise, and feeling like an imposter? 

Or are you relying too heavily on your coaching materials: your signature course, unique methodology, and resources, while discounting your unique abilities?

Are you ready to catapult your client’s outcome? Is it time for you to unleash your unique gifts and  become the fully embodied coach, healer, therapist or health professional you’ve always wanted to be!


Are You On the Verge of Meaningful PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL Transformation?

Now more than ever, deep spiritual connections make a difference in our lives. Beyond the established methods of engagement, do you sense that your clients are, most likely longing for heart to heart connection and empowering support.

Are Your Worried About Your Effectiveness Because...

You’ve done all of the right things to develop your coaching skill set, but something’s missing. You feel stuck in the quicksand of uncertainty about your skills, and insecure that you’re not helping your clients to the best of your ability, but you don’t know what to do.

You’re tired of “faking it” till you make it and want to engage the depth and breadth of your unique skills. You know the curriculum like the back of your hand; your clients are getting “good’ results.  But you know in your heart, you have the capacity to help them achieve spectacular outcomes! But you don’t know what to do.

You’ve completed your coaching certification, but you feel unsure of yourself because you don’t have a “degree” in coaching.  You’re worried that you’re not fully respected or accepted because in your mind you have a credibility gap and you can’t imagine how to fill it. 

You’re not sure another course can help you. But you wish someone would just guide you. You simply don’t know how to become the coach of your dreams. And you’re afraid you never will.

Are You Ready to Catapult Your Professional Growth?

Do You...

Ever get the feeling that that you’ve yet to fully express your unique gifts that will help you empower your clients to soar?

Have You..

Considered with frustration and incomplete answers the path of your transformation?

Will You...

Open your heart and mind to the possibility that you do have the capacity to make meaningful growth and lasting change for yourself?



Like so many, you may also feel overwhelmed by your passionate calling and not sure as to how you can realize your full potential so you can more fully express your unique calling.

You may also experience a confusing and frustrating vacuum between your vision, the enriched opportunities you desire and sense for your career and what you’ve been able to achieve thus far.

Do you also sense something beneath the surface is going on that is unlike anything you’ve thus far experienced? If so, then you are an awakening being who innately feels and senses that we are, as a global family on the verge of a remarkable shift.

Do you feel in your heart called to make a meaningful contribution?



You are not alone!

Too many coaches feel they're not as effective or transformational as they'd like to be...

Is your heart calling you to share more?

If you haven’t achieved your vision of being the amazing coach you know you can be—despite the fact that you’re brilliant and committed to serving others…

Perhaps you feel you haven’t fully expressed your unique gifts you’re feel you’re inspired to share with your clients…

Or you don’t know how to incorporate them into your programs and services. 

What you feel in your heart is REAL!

Let us help you fulfill your dream!

Imagine YOUR PossibilitY

Discover how to become a joyfully authentic and empowered heart-centered coach!

Why is it that—in spite of all our accomplishments and years of personal and spiritual growth work—we haven’t been able to access the power we need to thrive in life?

Do you think that the reason you have been able to bring forth the fullness of your potentials for professional success, love, self-expression, and greater impact thus far is because you haven’t awakened to the kind of inner alignment with your essential nature?

Your challenges, speak to this extraordinary time and  pivotal moment in human history.

Imagine if it were possible. Imagine what it will feel like when you’ve become an incredible empowered coach.

Your unique spiritual gifts, intuitive insights, and passionate expression are available to assist you to more fully cultivate your professional growth and development, and your life.

This is a life-changing opportunity to transform your feelings of inadequacy, sense of professional overwhelm, lack of confidence, anxieties, fears and other concerns into an empowered, and lasting self-awareness that will serve as the foundation of a revitalized and impactful approach to coaching, grounded in the strength and engagement of your unique gifts and talents.


The Spiritually Empowered Coach

The 12 week transformational mentoring program designed specifically to help you become the coach of your dreams!


YOUR Curriculum

The A.R.I.S.E. Mindset Transformation

The pillars of our unique system and program will catapult you to a state of high spiritual and emotional awareness, intelligence and functioning. It will help you to tap into and unleash your unique essential nature and gifts and expand your health and well being that will help you to embody and express your mission and vision..

Blue Workspace

Module 1


You’ll learn the significance of setting an intention and how it effects you body, mind, and spirit to help you more easily achieve your goal.

Module 2


You’ll explore the role detoxifying your mind plays in making way for your achievements.


Module 3


Providing not only your body, but your mind and spirit with an array of essential nutrients that includes food and nutritional supplements, and also the emotional and spiritual nutrients that support, enhance and strengthen your cellular and cognitive functioning, while also enhancing your spiritual well-being.

Module 4

Self-Love & Acceptance

The opportunity to support your healing with creativity, even laughter and much more! You’ll learn about the ground-breaking research confirming vital role joy, awe and other states of higher spiritual awareness have during your healing journey.

Module 5


Create your individualized healing plan as your healing journey expands.


Now YOU KNOW THERE IS a Better Way!

Imagine waking up in the morning, feeling rested and revitalized, prepared to meet your day with true confidence, strength. Imagine how you’d feel knowing you and more than enough, feeling your self-worth and value, untouched by your fears, insecurities and opinions of others.

Imagine experiencing peace of mind and your new found ability to not only endure, but to transcend. Imagine being set free to become all that you can be!

Plus, You'll also get

The support YOU will have access to:

Healing Circle Calls

You’ll have access to a unique healing space.  Our sacred circle calls provide a space of compassionate loving acceptance where you can speak your truth and receive unconditional support to heal and achieve your goals.


Member Portal

Our online member portal will provide you with access to your self-paced learning curriculum; a comprehensive resource library, member forum, and recordings. You will have 24/7 to these resources support.


Growth & Development Calls

Our transformational calls will take a deep dive into your lessons and progress to provide you with the support, guidance and intuitive insights needed to help you achieve your goals and become the empowered coach you are destined to be.


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Kind Words from Our Clients..


“For several years I’ve  consulted with Dr. Ferguson several times, and she’s always provided me with exceptional information, compassion and inspiration to take better care of my health. Her expertise has had a tremendous impact.  Dr. Elaine has beautifully and articulately blended the art and science of healing body, mind and soul with her profound way of sharing complex concepts in an easily receptive manner for her audience and patients.  She intuitively connects us with our own personalized journey to well-being with deep insights.”


James photo 01.27.19 cropped

“I was fortunate to meet Dr. Elaine at the very beginning of my medical school education.  She’s been a fantastic mentor, guide and source of information about the world of holistic medicine.  She continues to amaze me with her depth of knowledge, insights and authenticity.  Rarely have I encountered a physician, that so fully embodies the ideals, compassion and love of their patients, physicians are supposed to express”


“Dr. Elaine has beautifully and articulately blended the art and science of healing body, mind and soul with her profound way of sharing complex concepts in an easily receptive manner for her audience and patients.  She intuitively connects us with our own personalized journey to well-being with deep insights.”

"Dr. Elaine has not only helped me..."

Dr. Elaine has not only helped me to enhance and strengthen my own health, but to better serve my coaching clients and students. I use her seminal book SuperHealing as a text book and guide to educate and help them more fully understand their true power and miraculous healing capacity. Her guest lectures always deeply impact and inspire my students to open their hearts to express their unique gifts.  This sets the stage for them become the authentic and transformational coaches they truly want to be.” 


"She's helped me to counter harmful aging beliefs..."

“Dr. Ferguson has always made my health an utmost priority, and has truly helped me to take charge of my mind, and stop the damage living in world of staggering and unending fear can bring.  I enjoy good health due to the my proactive life-style choices I’ve made over many years. I don’t worry about developing the chronic conditions that plague many of my family and friends,  She’s also helped me to counter harmful aging beliefs that accelerate and worsens the “aging process.” Thanks to her, I live the truth-my body is capable of healing and revitalization, especially when  I know how to help it function at its very best.” 


"I'm living the life of empowered health!"

“Dr. Elaine has helped me to clearly and more fully understand how to heal my body and mind.  She’s helped me to create a higher level of health in the face of a significant and challenging health condition.  In particular, a deep appreciation of the powerful impact my emotions have had on my physical health,  helped me to  to heal the emotions that have contributed to my condition.” 


"I am becoming a better and stronger person!"

“It’s always a pleasure and a great therapy to be among the Healing Circle family, to discuss things,current events, our perspectives and our shared experiences in this world and most importantly how we are healing via your spiritual guidance.

“I will eternally be grateful to you for having recognized the calling of the ancestors and for having accepted to being their vessel. Thank you. You’ll be greatly rewarded.

“I have to say … the lessons are well presented, concise and are easy to follow. Your pedagogy is impeccable.  Trust me, the lessons are hitting me to the core and I am becoming a better and stronger person as a result.”
– Samuel L.

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Get Access to our 5 Part A.R.I.S.E. Program

Create your blue print for overcoming your challenges and expressing your unique gifts, and spiritual capacities.



Become the Empowered & Empathic Expert coach of Your Dreams!

Evolve and express your greatest potential. Share your gifts and expertise with your clients and effectively help them achieve their life-changing goals.


Meet Your Mentor & Guide

Hi! I'm Dr. Elaine Ferguson

I’m excited to assist your transformational journey! I am honored to inspire, uplift and support you, every step of this life-changing program to help you embody your vision and become the transformative coach of your wildest dreams.

I’m a pioneering holistic medicine physician, bestselling author, coach and wellness consultant.  More important than my credentials is my life-calling and passionate desire to be of service.  I look forward to mentoring you and supporting your journey to becoming the empowered coach you are destined to be.

Meet Your Mentor & Guide

Hi! I'm Bethany Perry

It is such an honor to share this opportunity and support you in healing your heart and soul to empower your life and your coaching practice. When I began my coaching career, I knew I was here
for more, but I didn’t have the confidence or competence to create the practice of my dreams.

I was so unsure and overwhelmed by all the ‘to-do’s’ and my heart needed such deep healing after an abusive marriage, the loss of my Dad and brother – so much!!

With the discoveries and healing that has been afforded me, Dr. Elaine and I are here to offer you the same transformation gifted to us. I now have a thriving practice serving men and woman around the world,
founded Whole Life Healing Coach to train and certify coaches in my signature Four Pillars, have a non-profit to help those suffering from trauma and now – am here to serve you!

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The course will begin June 1, 2022 and end October 1..

As far as we know, there’s no program available that focuses specifically on cultivating and expressing your unique gifts and spiritual development, specifically as it relates to your professional development.

Based on availability, you can schedule, one on one coaching calls with Dr. Ferguson or a coach mentor.

We do not provide refunds to our live coaching program.


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