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“Dr. Elaine has brought a powerful perspective in our organization’s discussions about race and racial justice. She is not only a superb medical doctor, but is a great advocate for underrepresented communities. She has a gift of uplifting our members, and helping them find practical ways to heal and empower. You will not be disappointed!

-James Curbeam Chairman, Teamsters National Black Caucus

“For over 30 years I worked in industry-leading companies, often one of a handful of African American managers, or the only African American senior manager in the board room.  I developed a numbness from suppressing my disdain with the many micro-aggressions witnessed and experienced during that time.

I’ve spent the last nine months in Dr. Ferguson’s healing circle and over time I have deeply reconnected with my spirit.  Others have noticed I am more calm under stress, patient with my family, friends, and business associates, and have a happy energy. Dr. Ferguson’s program has been a gift worth sharing.”

-Brian Lacey


“Dr. Elaine has helped me to not only understand the devastating impact racism has had on my health, but how to put an end to the harm. She has helped me to understand the power I have to rise above and how to minimize it’s impact.  She is a cool drink of water and a breath of fresh air.

Phillipe Matthews

“Dr. Elaine is a leader. She is exceptionally well-qualified to lead on health and wellness issues. She has pursued a lifelong passion of developing holistic solutions to the problems that we as African-Americans have faced. She brings a unique perspective to the world of science and medicine, and their impact on the daily lives of African-Americans.”

-Denise Barton, ESQ.

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