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Month: June 2011

Holistic Nutrition Alert Part 3: The Bitter Truth: Are You Consuming this Sweet Poison?

As a child, I loved candy and sweets. I’m very lucky I didn’t have more than a few cavities. I still do, but for many years, I have significantly limited my consumption of sugar and eliminated sweetened beverages in exchange for water. Do you drink sodas, soda pops, or as we call them in the Midwest US pops? Do you drink more than one a day? Or do you eat a lot of processed foods?

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Can a Natural Oil Help Depression and Alcohol Addiction?

Depression and anxiety are the most common mood disorders we are currently experiencing. Researchers at Indiana University have found that a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids may help the treatment and prevention of bipolar disorder and may also help with alcoholism.

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What “health food” was Labeled a “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” in a Recent Lawsuit?

Last week I shared with you my perspective on soy. A few days later, I ran across a very interesting news story about a law suit filed on behalf of Illinois prisoners in 2009, who were experiencing illnesses due to a soy based diet. As a part of that research, I also discovered in Illinois, a pilot program to increase soy food content as a “healthy alternative” in school lunch programs.

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Proof Positive that Age is Just a Number

If you’ve read my posts, you know I firmly believe that age is just a number and that research studies indicate how we think and feel about our age and “aging” has a direct impact on the “aging” process.

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