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If you’re ready to take charge of your health and well-being, I am here to assist you in meaningful and lasting ways.  After treating thousands of patients and educating thousands more through our online and television programs, I’ve learned the key to effective healing is shifting our focus from the dis-ease to the truth of who you are and what you possess.  Your body is NOT a disease-prone machine!  It is a miraculous and an amazing creation! I am here to help you awaken your remarkable true health potential that is the source of all healing and transformation.

Achieve YOUR Unique Health Goals With Our Innovative and Customized Holistic Programs and Services!

Are ready to improve your health but don’t know the right steps to take? Or are you living with a serious chronic disease, perhaps even one your doctor says is terminal. Isn’t right now, this precious moment, the appropriate time for you to step up and take charge of your well-being?

It doesn’t matter what your current state of health is. You can heal, by actively engaging your body, mind and spirit. Depending on how far your health is from ideal, you can either dramatically improve it or subtly, but meaningfully enhance it once you understand what actions you must take. Vibrant well-being is your birthright!

Your most significant challenge is learning how to create it, because if you’re like most people in our society, you were never taught how to be healthy.  And even if you are engaged in wellness practices, I’ve discovered the keys to enhancing and expanding upon the foundation you’ve built thus far. Sometimes my clients have been exposed to so many online offerings and solutions, they simply don’t know the most appropriate ones to choose.

Or are you currently feeling  physically sound, yet  emotionally uncertain and spiritually deprived? You may have earnestly felt this way when life has put you under pressure. The last year has been a challenging one for us all.  How has it impacted your health? 

A comprehensive, holistic approach to can help you to turn your situation around so that your mind, body, and spirit are brought into balance. The latest research studies have found when you  neglect your emotional and spiritual needs, it is to your own peril, because that neglect is detrimental not only to your emotional health but to your body as well.

Group Coaching...Coming Soon in 2023!

SuperHealing Your Health With Ease Group Coaching

If you’re ready to join a supportive community to help you achieve your health goals, my unique program is the program for you! You’ll be able to pace your learning in the midst of a healing tribe.

Our Clients

"Dr. Elaine has helped me in ways....

“Dr. Elaine has helped me to heal in ways I never imagined possible.

Her authenticity, depth of knowledge, and caring heart, makes her an unbelievably effective healer and a guiding light.

I’ve learned so much from her about how to better manage my health, and in particular the challenging stress that I’ve recently experienced.  She always has a comforting word or insight to share, that’s had a tremendous impact, in terms of helping me to make meaningful decisions that have improved my health and well-being.”

Comprehensive Holistic Medicine second opinion consultation

Are You Ready Take A Deep Dive Now?

If you’re living with a serious health condition, or ready for a major health and lifestyle shift, my comprehensive holistic health consultation is right for you. Click the first button to complete your consultation assessment questionnaire and book your first consultation. Or click the second button to get detailed information about my second opinion holistic medicine consultation.

"Dr. Ferguson helped save my dad's life!"

When my 76 year old father was critically injured with second degree burns over 15% of his body. While in intensive care for several weeks, he didn’t sleep, with no improvement in his condition, and undoubtedly fearing he wasn’t going to make it, as was my whole family.

Dad experienced one serious, life-endangering complication after another. It was an intense roller coaster ride for all of us. The information and healing techniques Dr. Ferguson provided are truly amazing.

I know in my heart empowering my father with just some of the tools and techniques were what put him on his road to recovery. After 30 days in the hospital and just 5 short weeks at home, he is back to himself, even though his doctors told us we were lucky he survived at all.  They also said it would take one year for him to get back to his normal routine.  Today he is living and enjoying his life.

Thank you Dr Ferguson for empowering us with such brilliant information.  My dad thanks you as well!.- LINDA PARKER

Coming Spring 2022! Online Course

SuperHealing Secrets Master Class

My online home study course will allow you the flexibility to to explore and integrate the 5 core SuperHealing® secrets into your life to enhance and improve your health and well-being.

Holistic Health CALL

Get Your Holistic Health Questions Answered!

Often my clients would like to have a few questions that don’t require a comprehensive holistic second opinion consultation. It may be clarification regarding a nutrient or which mind/body technique may best serve you, or health tips to begin enhance your management of your health.  Schedule a 30 minute call with me and get your holistic health questions answered. 

Please note this 30 minute call is not intended for clients living with serious health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, neurological disorders, etc.

Coming Spring 2022!

Rise & Thrive Healing Racism's Hidden Harm

Racism takes a tremendous toll on our health and well-being.  We endeavor to relieve its devastating impact with a comprehensive array of holistic healing resources to help you end stop the suffering and toxic health impact your experiences of everyday discrimination, workplace racism, and other incidents have had.  You will learn how to effectively protect, heal, and shield your mind, body and spirit from its corrosive and insidious harm.


Do You Need An Engaging & Inspiring Speaker?

If you’re in search of an uplifting and transformational speaking experience, you’re in the right place.  Your audience will be uniquely inspired to take action to improve their health and well-being. 

Awaken Your True Health Potential NOW!

Are You Ready to become a SuperHealer?

SuperHealing® is a process of actively engaging your mind, body and spirit to awaken and engage your amazing true health potential.  It is a unique, comprehensive holistic approach that is grounded in the truth—you are a living miracle! It disputes the notion that your body is a disease-proned machine. Y.

  1. Make a Firm Decision to Heal
  2. Detoxify Your Mind & Body
  3. Nourish Your Mind & Body
  4. Love your precious being
  5. Create and evolve you SuperHealing®Action Plan

Your family’s health history doesn’t matter!  How could that be?  We now know that the vast majority of chronic diseases that “run” in families, have nothing to do with your genes and DNA.  The new field of epigenetics has discovered that families tend to have the same diseases, because they live similarly.

You don’t have to live with worry and fear of inheriting a disease that your family members have experienced.  If you live a healthy life, your health will reflect your choices.

There’s many things you can do to help your body.  You don’t have to grin and bear a disease.  If you become proactive and help your body heal, your body will reward your efforts and function at a healthier level.

Many of my patients and clients are well-versed in the holistic health and wellness world.  My approach is different, because I do not focus on symptom suppression and improvement, but recognizing your amazing capacity for health, empowering you to call it forth in ways you may never have considered or previously imagined possible.

Science has yet to find how long the human body can live. There’s no upper age limit known.

What we call aging is normally related to chronic stress, inflammation, nutrient deficiencies and the acceptance of cultural norms (i..e., beliefs about aging).

The aging process can be reversed!

And I will share with you how to revitalize your body and mind, regardless of your age or and reverse the “aging process.”