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About their personal experiences

Dr. Elaine has brought a powerful perspective in our organization’s discussions about race and racial justice. She is not only a superb medical doctor, but is a great advocate for underrepresented communities. She has a gift of uplifting our members, and helping them find practical ways to heal and empower. You will not be disappointed!”

JAMES CURBEAM, Chairman, Teamsters National Black Caucus

“I am a big fan of all your work! My husband and I watched the SuperHealing Secrets DVDs together and he stole my copy of your book and has it on his shelf now. Lol!

I am finding your information very helpful and am progressing through it. I talk about you to anyone who will listen! Your book is my top recommendation for holistic wellness.”                                               – DIXIE VARGAS

“I’ve had the great fortune of following Dr. Elaine Ferguson’s work for a number of years now. I find her information clear, easy to understand, and practical to incorporate into my own lifestyle. I have shared her information and books with friends and health coaching clients

"You helped me turn my health around!"

“I was suffering from a very serious health condition that included severe anxiety and debilitating physical symptoms.  In just a  few short months with her expertise, guidance and insights she helped me make an amazing turn around.  Not only have my symptoms dramatically improved, I feel very secure in knowing that I have control of my emotions and in control of my health.  I can’t thank you enough for the difference you’ve made in my life.”

"Dr. Elaine is pure magic!"

“For several years I’ve  consulted with Dr. Ferguson several times, and she’s always provided me with exceptional information, compassion and inspiration to take better care of my health. Her expertise has had a tremendous impact.  Dr. Elaine has beautifully and articulately blended the art and science of healing body, mind and soul with her profound way of sharing complex concepts in an easily receptive manner for her audience and patients.  She intuitively connects us with our own personalized journey to well-being with deep insights.”


"Dr. Elaine is my go to holistic MD!"

I’ve interviewed hundreds of holistic practitioners, healers and physicians, and Dr. Elaine is a rare gem.  I use her book as my most important holistic resource. I’ve read it several times and each time I read it, I gain greater in sights. .


“I was fortunate to meet Dr. Elaine at the very beginning of my medical school education.  She’s been a fantastic mentor, guide and source of information about the world of holistic medicine.  She continues to amaze me with her depth of knowledge, insights and authenticity.  Rarely have I encountered a physician, that so fully embodies the ideals, compassion and love of their patients, physicians are supposed to express”

“Dr. Elaine has beautifully and articulately blended the art and science of healing body, mind and soul with her profound way of sharing complex concepts in an easily receptive manner for her audience and patients.  She intuitively connects us with our own personalized journey to well-being with deep insights.”

“Dr. Elaine is a transcendent, authentic Superhealer, bringing her multi-dimensional gifts to offer spiritual wholeness and wellness.  She reaches and teaches us all about the connectedness of our humanity and touches the essence of each heart space in relevant, effective ways.”

“Dr. Elaine has helped me to heal in ways I never imagined possible.

Her authenticity, depth of knowledge, and caring heart, makes her an unbelievably effective healer and a guiding light.

I’ve learned so much from her about how to better manage my health, and in particular the challenging stress that I’ve recently experienced.  She always has a comforting word or insight to share, that’s had a tremendous impact, in terms of helping me to make meaningful decisions that have improved my health and well-being.”

“My 76 year old father had a terrible accident at our family summer home and sustained severe burns over 15% of his body.While in intensive care for several weeks, he had one serious, life endangering complication after another. The mind/body healing resources Dr. Elaine provided are truly amazing!.  I know in my heart that empowering my father with her tools and techniques were what ultimately put him on his road to recovery.

Thank you, Dr. Elaine  for empowering us with such brilliant information. My dad thanks you, too!”                             – LINDA PARKER

“Dr. Elaine is a bright light in my life. She has helped me and my loved ones reclaim and improve our physical and emotional health.  Her depth of knowledge and compassion for our fellow human beings are unparalleled.  I can’t recommend her enough.  If you have the opportunity to engage her wisdom and healing mastery, you will be grateful you did!”



"Dr. Elaine has not only helped me..."

Dr. Elaine has not only helped me to enhance and strengthen my own health, but to better serve my coaching clients and students. I use her seminal book SuperHealing as a text book and guide to educate and help them more fully understand their true power and miraculous healing capacity. Her guest lectures always deeply impact and inspire my students to open their hearts to express their unique gifts.  This sets the stage for them become the authentic and transformational coaches they truly want to be.”                                            -BETHANY PERRY

"I have deeply reconnected with my spirit."

“For over 30 years I worked in industry-leading companies, often one of a handful of African American managers, or the only African American senior manager in the board room.  I developed a numbness from suppressing my disdain with the many micro-aggressions witnessed and experienced during that time.

I’ve spent the last nine months in Dr. Ferguson’s healing circle and over time I have deeply reconnected with my spirit.  Others have noticed I am more calm under stress, patient with my family, friends, and business associates, and have a happy energy. Dr. Ferguson’s program has been a gift worth sharing.”



"You are here to help us experience deep healing "

Your words of wisdom and healing have made a tremendous difference in my life, over the years I’ve had the privilege of knowing you.  You are a tremendous resource of holistic knowledge, wisdom, and love.


"She brings a unique perspective to the world of science and medicine..."

“Dr. Elaine is a leader. She is exceptionally well-qualified to lead on health and wellness issues. She has pursued a lifelong passion of developing holistic solutions to the problems that we as African-Americans have faced. She brings a unique perspective to the world of science and medicine, and their impact on the daily lives of African-Americans.”


"I'm living the life of empowered health!"

“Dr. Elaine has helped me to clearly and more fully understand how to heal my body and mind.  She’s helped me to create a higher level of health in the face of a significant and challenging health condition.  In particular, a deep appreciation of the powerful impact my emotions have had on my physical health,  helped me to  to heal the emotions that have contributed to my condition.” 


"She's helped me to counter harmful aging beliefs..."

“Dr. Ferguson has always made my health an utmost priority, and has truly helped me to take charge of my mind, and stop the damage living in world of staggering and unending fear can bring.  I enjoy good health due to the my proactive life-style choices I’ve made over many years. I don’t worry about developing the chronic conditions that plague many of my family and friends,  She’s also helped me to counter harmful aging beliefs that accelerate and worsens the “aging process.” Thanks to her, I live the truth-my body is capable of healing and revitalization, especially when  I know how to help it function at its very best.” 


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