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Your Invitation to Join Rise & Thrive...

A Life-Changing Healing Movement!

Take a deep breath to consider the life-changing opportunity to stop the harm, to discovery effective ways to protect, heal and shield yourself, and to inhabit the world with your inner strength, resilience, and fortitude leading the way. Our vast array of coaching programs, healing circles, webinars, retreats, mind-body tools and spiritual healing resources give you the opportunity to select the right tools to assist your healing journey. 

Join us if you’re ready to make a bold and daring decision to heal. You have nothing to lose, but your pain.

Within you resides the POWER to heal!

Explore YOUR Healing Possibilities!

Our individual and collective experiences of racism, hate, discrimination, past and present have impacted our health and well-being.  It’s a well-known fact that racism is a toxic and life-endangering stressor for a variety of reasons.

We are  here to help you heal what’s seemed to be impossible, but is not..

Racism can be overcome! You don’t have to wait until it ends to experience relief!

Explore how to heal, repair and transform your experiences, your identity, discover and awaken your miraculous true health potential. Learn the truth about how racism impacts your health and well-being; discover your amazing healing capacity, remember the enduring strength of your ancestors.

There are empowering and impactful ways to stop the internalized harm, to protect, to heal, and to shield ourselves.  Our people also must become aware of their remarkable innate healing capacity and how to more fully engage it to heal these wounds.


Healing Circles

A safe and sacred space to begin and sustain your healing journey.

Far too often, our experiences of targeted racism, especially in the workplace have caused many to feel alone and isolated. Our Rise & Thrive Healing Circles were created specifically to give you the opportunity to speak your truth and share your experiences, in a safe and sacred space, with loving acceptance, the absence of judgment and support.

"We need more of these healing circles."

“We need more of these healing circles. Just a brilliant contribution! “

– Winston W.

Inner Circle Group Coaching Programs

An all-inclusive healing experience.

If you’re ready to give yourself the greatest healing opportunity,  we’ve created for you a comprehensive and “full-spectrum” healing journey to fully explore and transform the totality of your life-long experiences, family, collective and ancestral wounds. Our unique group coaching programs are grounded in 5 proven holistic healing pillars; the best available healing information, tools, techniques and resources and tools available;  transformational coaching calls; powerful sacred healing circles and engaging community forums.

"I didn't know what I needed to heal, until you showed us the way."

“I didn’t know what was missing in my life, until I joined the circle.  I didn’t what I needed to heal, until you showed us the way.”


Testimonials From Our Healing Circle Sisters and Brothers in The UK!

Healing Immersions (ONLINE RETREATS)

In depth exploration of critical issues.

Our deep dive, 1-2 day healing immersions afford an in-depth exploration of critical healing issues and topics to promote healing, transform the mind and more fully express our essential nature. Our immersion healing topics include rapid relief techniques, effective office racism management, racism’s impact on family dynamics,  gender specific issues, identity healing, spiritual dimensions of racism, self-love and much more.

"When I speak now, I speak from reflection and inner strength. Thank you!"

“As l am writing to you my eyes are filled with tears of release, of gratitude and joy. Since you have come into my  life, my experience of the world has started to look very different and is taking me back to how l once was. When l speak now l speak from reflection and inner strength. ❤THANK YOU!

“The vision l see of you is touching millions of lives on platforms like these.”- OLIVE l.



Learn, heal and transform at your own pace.

Based on our proven holistic healing pillars, our self-paced courses provide you with an the solid foundation and  teach you how to effectively protect, heal and shield your precious being from harm, and also create your personalized healing plan to respond from with an empowered mindset and identity.

Healing Webinars

Your introduction and gateway to healing critical issues.

Our healing 90-120 minute (1.5-2 hour) webinars serve as an entry to the exploration of a variety of important topics and issues. You will not only learn critical information, and you’ll also receive key insights and healing resources to help you manage your challenges.  Our webinar topics include Emancipate Your Health From Mental Slavery; Tools to Protect, Heal and Shield Your Mind, Body and Spirit from Racism’s Harm; How to Love Yourself in a World Drenched in Racism, and much more.


"If anyone has the opportunity to get so much out of it. Absolutely a brilliant experience."

“If anyone has the opportunity to join…you will get so much out of it! … Absolutely a brilliant experience.I loved the open space of just being able to express the way you felt.  She just made it feel so relaxing…  A great experience.”   


Introductory Programs

Discovering the truth about racism's harm

Our introductory gift videos features interviews and webinars that will help you to more fully understand the corrosive harm racism has on your health and well-being, to give you not only the information, but the inspiration that will help you to select the appropriate healing resources to meet your needs.

"You have opened a sacred portal for healing over 400 years of pain and shame of carrying the invisible wounds of hatred. "

“You are truly sent from heaven. I have been haunted by the silence from our community on the subject of racism in the form of a real action plan for healing.
“Someone finally, you have opened a sacred portal for healing over 400 years of pain and shame of carrying the invisible wounds of hatred. Also, thank you for deliberately changing the language of racism

– IYA H.

OUR Passionate MISSION…

To inspire, inform, and assist people of African ancestry with the unique and long-overdue opportunity to heal racism’s hidden wounds.

We help you heal in ways never imagined possible. 

We will help you explore and more fully understand your remarkable capacity to heal anything…including racism’s insidious and corrosive harm.

We will passionately assist and guide your empowering efforts to heal the harm caused by your experiences. We help you incorporate effective and efficient resources to protect and shield you in the future from and heal the harm caused by your ongoing exposure to racism in all of its blatant, pernicious and subtle forms, that occur primarily in your workplace, as well as other aspects of your life.

Don't Delay! Join Us today and Begin Your Healing NOW!

Explore Your Healing Opportunities NOW........

Intro Programs

Click the link below to register for one of our highly informative gift webinars that will introduce you to the truth about racism, and the healing that’s possible for you.

Healing Circles

Get more information about our powerful sacred healing circles.  If you’re truly ready to release and heal your wounds, in a space of love and support, the circles are your best choice.

Group Coaching

If you’re feeling “Enough’s Enough!” and know your health is impacted, we invite you to consider taking the deepest healing dive that you can to give yourself the depth and breadth of an unprecedented healing opportunity.

Private Coaching

Our one-one-one VIP (Vision, Insight and Purpose) approach will give you the focus and personalized approach to more fully achieve your healing goals.

Healing Immersions

The immersions are designed to take give you a unique opportunity to fully explore a specific issue that can lead to an intentional and expanded shift in your understanding, and introduce you to the resources that address the specific issue and help you to meet your specific challenges.

Self-Paced Learning

You may prefer to learn at your own pace and to engage your healing journey in a way that is singularly appropriate for your.  Our comprehensive  courses are designed to provide the inspiration, information and encouragement you need to embrace your healing.

Healing Webinars

Our premium webinars lay the foundation to begin your in-depth exploration of a variety of critical topics including racism’s health impact; exploring mental health issues; rapid stress release techniques, family and relationship issues and much more.