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awaken your true health potential To Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit!


You have an amazing body, one that is designed to function with ease and to be healthy! Good health is your birthright and when you give your body the nutrients (physical, emotional and spiritual) it needs to properly function it will repair, regenerate and revitalize itself!

The key is to create a healthier, internal environment that will allow you to function optimally and produce radiant health and wellbeing.

This isn’t a message about selfhelp or wishful thinking; it is one of selfempowerment, fueled by ancient wisdom and decades of scientific research that reveals how our bodies and cells function most effectively to create the good health you desire and deserve. I am here to help you activate and express your true health potential!

My comprehensive consultation is most helpful if you’re living with a serious health condition and want to gain access to additional empowering holistic resources that will help you to effectively heal.

Why Should You Consult With ME?

  • * You’re looking for a holistic physician who will support, empower and partner with you.
  • * You want to work with a non-judgmental, compassionate, empathic and intuitive physician.
  • * You’re ready willing and able to become a partner in your health and healing journey.
  • * You want to have access to a physician with an extensive knowledge base and clinical experience (of allopathic and holistic medicine).
  • * You’re reading to do whatever it takes to achieve your healing goals.
  1. You WANT:
  2. -A physician to carefully listen to all of your health concerns.
  3. -To receive immediate help with your health.
  4. -To reduce your dependence on medications.
  5. -A more comprehensive holistic approach because you’ve tried  lifestyle modifications and/or alternative/complementary therapies.
  6. -To ask questions you couldn’t, haven’t or are afraid to of your physician about vitamins, minerals, herbs and other holistic therapies.
  7. -To obtain a valuable “second opinion” about your health condition.
  8. -To learn about overlooked (or ignored) health factors that might be causing or contributing to your health condition(s).
  9. -Evaluate the nutritional supplements you are currently taking.
  10. -Develop a personalized plan to achieve your health goals.
  •   -Have a meaningful and effective structure to assist your healing journey.
  •   -Receive inspiration and practical tools to transform your life.
  •   -Have access to a meaningful and effective structure to assist your healing journey and a compassionate accountability to keep you on track.
  •   -Create an empowering mindset to effectively propel you to the next health level.
  •   -Have a comprehensive, evidence based report written for your treating physician.

Your Holistic Medicine Second Opinion Consultation will help you incorporate a wide range of evidence based holistic and integrative approaches (diet, nutritional supplements, mind- body-meditation, visualization, spirituality, acupuncture, massage therapy, etc. ) into your treatment regimen and healthcare plan. I will share with you the clinical evidence that may support–or may not support the use of a certain therapies, the safety or efficacy of various medical, surgical, non-pharmacological, traditional, holistic, or integrative treatment options for a vast range of health conditions.

Any current health concerns will be addressed at this call. I do not provide primary care or act as a family physician.  My consultative practice allows me the opportunity to empower and help you develop a personalized integrative medicine health plan designed to your individual preferences, needs, and personal objectives.

I will help you to bridge the gap between conventional and holistic approaches, based on my vast experience and the medical literature. My  practice is designed to complement the care you are currently receiving. I am also available to discuss my recommendations with your treating physician(s) regarding my recommendations and provide the research studies that support them.

*I am available (on a limited basis) is available to meet clients in the Chicago area.


What to Expect During Your Consultation


Your comprehensive consultation includes:

A careful review of your completed consultation intake forms, medical records, lab reports, medical research update review on the latest studies related to your health condition.

Review of any medications you are currently taking (to avoid unwanted interactions with supplements)

A 60 minute call that will review my recommendations, your customized healing action plan and answer your questions.

Your report will be e-mailed or faxed to you proceeding your consultation call.  It will include:

1. A customized nutritional plan

2. An individualized exercise program

3. A comprehensive mind-body program to address your individualized emotional support empowerment, including stress reduction, interruption and prevention)

Yes! I want to Schedule My Appointment!

Your next step is to complete my Second Opinion Holistic Consultation Query Form, to give me an idea of your current issues and goals.  Upon review,  you’ll receive a follow-up information, with additional instructions, an e-mail invite to schedule a brief introductory call.  During that call we’ll explore how I can best assist and help you to achieve your goals.  Click below to complete the consultation query form.

I will also be able to better advise you as to the medical records and any additional information needed to begin my consultative review of your medical history, questionnaires, etc.