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Month: January 2015

Can A Tomato-Rich Diet Prevent Prostate Cancer?

Do men who eat over 10 portions a week of tomatoes have lower risk of developing prostate cancer? It is the second most common cancer in men worldwide, with higher rates occurring in developed countries, which is linked to a Westernized diet and lifestyle.

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New Study Reveals the Cultural Impact of Anger

In the US and many Western countries, people are urged to manage feelings of anger or suffer its ill effects — but new research with participants from the US and Japan suggests that anger may actually be linked with better, not worse, health in certain cultures. The findings are published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

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A Cup of Blueberries a Day Helps Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Adding one cup of blueberries to your daily diet could help reduce blood pressure and arterial stiffness, both of which are linked to cardiovascular disease. Just one cup of blueberries per day could be the key to reducing blood pressure and arterial stiffness, both of which are associated with cardiovascular disease.

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Happy New Year 2015!

If you haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions, here’s a different way to consider improving your health and well-being today.

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