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Month: April 2015

Mushrooms Boost Immunity

Could a mushroom a day help keep the doctor away? Some early evidence indicates that the Shiitake mushroom boosts immunity. Of the thousands of mushroom species globally, about 20 are used for culinary purposes. Shiitake mushrooms are native to Asia and are cultivated for their culinary and medicinal value.

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Can These Veggies Protect Your Memory?

With the explosion of Alzheimer’s Disease and cognitive decline (memory impairment), are you concerned about yours? Here’s a new study that indicates eating more of a certain group of veggies can protect your memory.

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Does Access to Expanded Medical Services Improve Health?

When I was in medical school, I learned some very disturbing news, during one lecture, that I will never forget. The lecturer shared with us the findings of a study, that evaluated access to health care, demographic data, in two neighboring states, that shared similar economic levels, but had very different picture, when it came to the health of their citizens.

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