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Category: Environment


The Hidden Risk of Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs contain several toxins. One is a powerful neurotoxin that is particularly toxic to the brain, nervous system, kidneys and liver, particularly to children and pregnant women Here’s what you can do.

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Chronic Disease

Nature Nourishes Health and Well-Being

Are you aware of the important impact exposure to nature can have on your health? I have come to appreciate the critical role nature plays in the maintenance of our health and well-being Not only does daily contact with nature improve quality of life, a walk in the woods may reduce a your self-criticism!

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Valuing Quiet

Are you exposed to excess noise in your daily life? If so, are you aware of the impact it can have on your health?

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Why Are The Honey Bees Vanishing?

For several years, there’s been reports of vanishing bee colonies, across the globe. Many countries have sought answers. They are critically important to our food supply.

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