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Bullying once was limited to schools and playgrounds, now is unfortunately can be a 24 hour phenomena, due to the internet access and social media sites. Unfortunately children, especially teens are being bullied more than ever before, and access to computers and smart phones are the tools that are used to commit these harmful acts. […]

Two recent studies have determined the detrimental impact child abuse has on adult disease susceptibility and development, particularly those with pain.   The first study sought to determine if “alleged” childhood abuse causes any changes in the  release of daily cortisol, as major stress hormone in women experiencing chronic pain, either fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis.   […]

I’ve always suspected that violent video games were unhealthy to the mental health and well-being of children playing them.   New research in the field of video games investigated how violent games affect the emotional behavior of children and how it impacts their response to life events.    Playing video games that are violent, for […]

Teenagers sent to bed earlier by their parents are protected from depression and suicidal thoughts.  A study by James Gangwisch, PhD, of Columbia University in New York, examined data from 15,659 adolescents. A total of 1,143 teens (7.3 percent) suffered from depression and 2,038 (13 percent) had suicidal thoughts.  Teenagers whose parents mandated bedtimes at […]