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Does your child use a cellphone? More than of 40 percent of American children under the age of 8 have their own tablets or cell phones. A recently published study that links cellphone radiation to memory performance problems in children and teens and confirms results initially published in 2015.

Bullying once was limited to schools and playgrounds, now is unfortunately can be a 24 hour phenomena, due to the internet access and social media sites. Unfortunately children, especially teens are being bullied more than ever before, and access to computers and smart phones are the tools that are used to commit these harmful acts. […]

This week the World Health Organization released a study regarding cell phone use and brain cancer risk.  The Interphone study Group published the results of their research in the International Journal of Epidemiology. The researchers analyzed brain tumor, two particular forms (glioma and meningioma risk in relation to cell phone use.  The interviews were conducted […]

Dr. Vini Khurana conducted a review of 465 studies, 23 case-control studies, which involved 37,916 participants (12,344 patient cases and 25,572 controls), were included in the report, published in 2009.  His analysis found compared with never or rarely having used a mobile phone, the odds ratio for overall use was significantly greater for malignant and […]

Are you concerned about your cell phone use?  As if we didn’t already have plenty of  health related environmental topics to be concerned about.  For several years, I’ve wondered about the impact cell phone use and the effect it has on my brain and body. After talking to someone formerly associated with the cell phone […]