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Last week I shared with you my perspective on soy. A few days later, I ran across a very interesting news story about a law suit filed on behalf of Illinois prisoners in 2009, who were experiencing illnesses due to a soy based diet. As a part of that research, I also discovered in Illinois, a pilot program to increase soy food content as a “healthy alternative” in school lunch programs.

I had a conversation with a very dear friend today about health. Melissa is a raw food pioneer, and we talked about some of the food products and ingredients we would never consume. Very interestingly, we agreed on the same four. While writing this article I realized I needed to share a lot of information, […]

A new study determines high dose supplements of vitamin D may increase the exercise capacity and strength of respiratory muscles in people with emphysema, also known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a new study indicates.

Over twenty years ago, I made a very interesting discovery as to how to motivate my patients regarding certain aspects of their health and well-being.  I’d come to see how our health care system unfortunately encourages dependency on doctors, medications,  and other treatments, rather than promoting effective and safe lifestyle changes that actually empower patients. […]