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Tag: melatonin

Can A Good Night’s Sleep Kill Cancer Cells? Part 2 How Melatonin Boosts Cancer Therapy

Here’s a very interesting new study conducted at Tulane University that with very interesting findings study that led me to revisit the health benefits of melatonin. The researchers found melatonin offers particularly strong protection against reproductive cancers. In particular, it determined that Tamoixfen, a breast cancer drug when given to animals who slept well and had normal melatonin levels killed the cancer cells while those who didn’t do.

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Can A Good Night’s Sleep Kill Cancer Cells, Prevent Diabetes and Heart Disease? Part 1

What a silly question, you might logically conclude, but research indicates the significant role sleep plays and how a fascinating study now indicates the role sleep plays. Did you know that reading yourself to sleep or texting into the wee hours of the morning raise your risk of cancer? You bet it can. Exposing yourself to artificial light at night shuts down your body’s production of an important hormone called melatonin.

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Cherry Juice Improves Insomnia

A pilot study conducted by a team of University of Pennsylvania, University of Rochester and VA Center of Canandaigua researchers found that cherry juice blend

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