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Hello, I’m Linda Parker. This past summer my 76 year old father had a terrible accident at our family summer home. After staining our wooden decks with a sprayer, as he always does he kept working withour changing his clothes. He proceeded to burn the dried weed from the lake and caught fire. He sustained second degree burns over 15% of his body.

While in intensive care for several weeks, he didn’t sleep, with no improvement in his condition and undoubtedly fearing he wasn’t going to make it as was my whole family.

Dad experienced one serious, life endangering complication after another. It was an intense emotional roller coaster ride for all of us. I knew I had to do something. I purchased the How to Get Well Faster Teleseminar Series. The information and techniques given are truly amazing. I followed several steps.

Very long story short, I know in my heart that empowering my father with just some of the tools and techniques were what ultimately put him on his road to recovery. After 30 days in intensive care and just 5 short weeks at home he is back to himself, even though the doctors told us we were lucky he survived at all. They also said that it would take over one year before he would be back to his normal routine. Today he is living and enjoying his life.

Thank you, Dr. Elaine R. Ferguson for empowering us with such brolliant information. My Dad thanks you as well.

Linda Parker,
Chicago, IL


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