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Learn More About Your Remarkable Healing Capacity

Watch my PBS program, SuperHealing Secrets during your review process.  It will give you an overview of my unique holistic approach that has helped thousands of clients to heal physical and psychological conditions, and is foundation and cornerstone of our Inner Circle program. You’ll receive the viewing link in your first email.



Prepare For Your Life Changing Healing Journey

We are the descendants of the people who refused to die, who survived the unspeakable horrors of a depraved and dehumanizing system.  Their strength is a beacon of strength, resilience and our ongoing triumphant survival, that is often hidden buried deep within the corners our mind.

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You pOSSESS an Amazing Body, A Magnificent Mind & an Indomitable Spirit!

One that is Capable of Healing Anything!

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Does this sound like you?

Stop feelING trapped by Your Job & destined to suffer in silence?

Far too many African Americans have been led to believe this is their only option.  Does the experience of isolation, targeting, debilitating dehumanization, and regular rejection characterize your office environment? 

You are not alone! The question is, what are you willing to do to stop this massive internalization that is damaging your mind, body and spirit? 

Our special training is designed to not only give you the answers you need. It is the bright light at the end of a very long and painful tunnel that will help you to heal and resolve the harm.

Our Clients share their experiences...

"you have opened a sacred portal or healing... "

‘You are truly sent from heaven. I have been haunted by the silence from our community on the subject of racism in the form of a real action plan for healing.
“Someone finally, you have opened a sacred portal for healing over 400 years of pain and shame of carrying the invisible wounds of hatred. Also, thank you for deliberately changing the language of racism.”
-Iya Hervette


IYA Hervette-Small

"We Bear Great Pain in Silence!"

You’re Not Fully Aware of the FACT that YOUR Health Is IN GRAVE DAnger Because...

Racism is the true silent killer and leading cause of premature death among African Americans! According to government data, each and every day 200 African Americans die prematurely!

You understandably believe you have no choice, because the situation is in control, and your painful reaction to it is inevitable.

You also feel you are alone, and that you must continue to grin and bear racism in silence. Racism feels overwhelming and unavoidable.  And you must continue to be exposed to this because you rely on the income your job provides.

You believe you have to grin and bear it…until racism comes to an end.

And much stronger than you think. While this culture encourages you to suffer and remain trapped by the internalized oppression imposed upon you, I am here to remind you that the fact that you wake up each morning willing to face another day, makes you brave and courageous!  A lesser person would’ve succumbed to all that you’ve already endured. Your time in our Inner Circle will help you to creative a transformational mindset that will protect, heal and shield you from not only the harm you’ve endure, but that which is yet to come.


Imagine The PossiblitIES THAT NOW AWAIT YOu!

Because YOU know There IS
a Better Way!

Imagine how you’d feel if you were free of the pain and fear you’ve carried for far too long. Imagine how you’ll feel when emotionally strong and empowered to rise above the challenging and racist situations, that were so painful for you to bear. Imagine walking into your office, attending meetings, responding to your colleagues and manager feeling fully empowered, protected and shielded from their toxic assaults! What would you do to attain this priceless, life-changing and health enhancing relief?

your pathway to emotional healing and freedom

The Rise & Thrive™ Inner circle For African American PrOFessionals

Our ground-breaking, effective, holistic healing program is designed specifically to help YOU effectively and efficiently protect, heal and shield yourself from your ongoing exposure to your daily encounters of on the job racism, and beyond.

Your transformational Opportunity

Here's What You'll Learn

Our Rise & Thrive™ Inner Circle program provides you with an all-encompassing, comprehensive, and ground-breaking holistic approach, a plethora and vast array of resources and meaningful support to help you heal the internalized harm and the hidden wounds you’ve lived with for far too long.

You will discover the vital truth about your infinite healing capacity, and how to awaken and more fully express it to more fully express  your true health potential to experience and the long-overdue healing and relief you desire and deserve.  You will move forward with immense confidence knowing how to protect and shield yourself from future harm.

WE sUPPORT eVERY sTEP of YOUR Healing Journey!

Our Inspired and....


You will quickly discover the heart of your journey is grounded in the truth that you are no longer alone! Throughout our time together, you will receive the support, feedback and insights needed to achieve your goals; to meet and overcome resistance; and to allow yourself the opportunity to savor the true wonder of your healing adventure.

YOUR Powerful Support SYStem

Our three-pronged support system, first and foremost relieves you of the sense of isolation, loneliness and despair that has previously contributed to your distress.  You will be fully embraced with the experience of a loving and generous community that recognizes and honors your precious being, unique gifts and talent.

A Safe & Sacred Healing Space

Our healing circle calls alone have been life-changing spaces for many members, who for the first time experienced a sacred, loving and accepting place to share their experiences, and relieve their pain.

A place of learning, & Transformation

You’ve never had an experience quite like this! Our in-depth calls explore your lesson topics and other aspects of your healing journey, with intuitive insights, unprecedented candid and in-depth discussions.

Unparalleled Member Engagement

Our member forums provide you with an opportunity to more fully engage in the support and explorations that began during your healing circle and group coaching calls. You can freely partner with fellow members. 

Unlimited access to the resource Library

Weekly live Healing & Coaching Sessions

Accountability to Help you Stay on Track

Study at the pace that works for YOU




Imagine waking up in the morning, feeling rested and revitalized, prepared to meet your day with true confidence, strength. Imagine how you’d feel knowing you and more than enough, feeling your self-worth and value, untouched by those who’ve harmed you.

Imagine experiencing peace of mind and the ability to not only endure, but to transcend, the forces that have previously assaulted and dehumanized you. 

Rev. Philippe Matthews

"She has shown me ...that I/we don't have to continue suffering this burden."

“Goddess Dr. Elaine Ferguson is a force of nature! Her truth about medicine, epigenetics, and superhealing is amazing! She has in-depth knowledge about how and why Africans/African Americans can heal themselves from the domestic terror of racism. Dr. Ferguson’s brilliant mind and loving spirit is needed by our people suffocating under the weight of racism. She is my personal health advisor and has personally shown me that I/we don’t have to continue suffering this burden. We deserve to set ourselves free.”


"Dr. Ferguson's program has been a gift worth sharing."

“For over 30 years I worked in industry-leading companies, often one of a handful of African American managers, or the only African American senior manager in the board room.  I developed a numbness from suppressing my disdain with the many micro-aggressions witnessed and experienced during that time.

I’ve spent the last nine months in Dr. Ferguson’s healing circle and over time I have deeply reconnected with my spirit.  Others have noticed I am more calm under stress, patient with my family, friends, and business associates, and have a happy energy. Dr. Ferguson’s program has been a gift worth sharing.”


Brian Lacey

James M. CHilds, Jr. Esq

"I didn't know what I needed to Heal Until You showed us..."

“I didn’t know what was missing in my life, until I joined the circle.  I didn’t what I needed to heal, until you showed us the way.”

If You are Ready To Take a BRAVE & Courageous Step

We Promise to...

I am here to help you achieve a remarkable, sometimes unbelievable goal of overcoming and healing racism’s pernicious harm on your health and well-being.  Before today, while you may have wanted such relief, believing racism had to end, before you could experience it, we will help you to effectively and efficiently make a profound transformational mindset shift that will empower you with confidence, resilience, peace of mind and health that you may have never imagined was possible for you….until NOW!

Now is the Time to

It is the pathway to your freedom!