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The Spiritually Empowered Path!

Imagine taking your coaching skills to another level. One that transcends your knowledge based expertise, content, signature system, and marketing. One that allows your unique gifts and skills to flourish and  can infuse your approach with a remarkable transformational power and authority.  Discover the path many highly effective and spiritually empowered coaches (and health professionals) have taken to help their clients achieve life-changing goals.

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Here’s What You’ll Discover...

Explore the key ingredients and experiences that transformed and elevated our coaching skills.


What are the characteristics and traits of a spiritually empowered coach? 


What is the path to spiritual empowerment?


What do spiritually empowered coaches do that makes them so unique? 



What do you have to do to become more spiritually aligned and empowered?

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THursDay, June 16, 2022

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Meet Your Mentors!

I'm Dr. ElAINE

I’m excited to share the opportunity to become the coach of your dreams with you!  Throughout the earlier days of my career, I was uncertain of myself, and my ability to help my patients. It took me many years to overcome the trauma and challenges of my medical education, and to feel fully endowed with the capacity to help them create the good health they desire and deserve. 

Now I confidently coach, guide and assist clients across the globe, as a pioneering holistic physician, best-selling author, PBS host and wellness consultant.  I look forward to helping you become the transformational coach, healing practitioner and health professional of your biggest dreams!

I'm Bethany Perry

It is such an honor to share this opportunity and support you in healing your heart and soul to empower your life and your coaching practice.  When I began my coaching career, I knew I was here for more, but I didn’t have the confidence or competence to create the practice of my dreams.  I was so unsure and overwhelmed by all the ‘to-do’s’ and my heart needed such deep healing after an abusive marriage, the loss of my Dad and brother – so much!!  
With the discoveries and healing that has been afforded me, Dr. Elaine and I are here to offer you the same transformation gifted to us.  I now have a thriving practice serving men and woman around the world, founded Whole Life Healing Coach to train and certify coaches in my signature Four Pillars, have a non-profit to help those suffering from trauma and now – am here to serve you!
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