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Month: February 2014

The Truth About “Old Age”

This is your brain . . . and this is your brain on the couch,” is Dr. Patrick Mueller, associate professor of physiology at Wayne State University’s approach to highlighting the detrimental effects that inactivity has on our brains and hearts.

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The Power of Loving Relationships

In honor of heart health month, I wanted to share some information with you that is not usually included or considered a part of information about heart health and/or heart disease prevention.

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Natural Ways to Avoid the Flu

Interestingly, this winter we haven’t heard a lot about the flu this season. Perhaps the unrelenting snow, ice and cold that’s affected a large portion of the US has diverted media attention from the regular flu season reports.

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For Your Healthy Heart

February is heart month. While I think it is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of heart disease, I believe it is crucial to not only prevent heart disease, but to help to improve our heart health, in a manner that include our mind, body, and spirit.

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If You Can’t Move…

Last week I shared information with you about the latest studies that demonstrate the harm a sedentary lifestyle can wreak on our health. Interestingly, there is a paradox to not moving. Exercising is critical for optimal wellness, but it is only a part of the equation. When I first became health conscious, I approached my body, as though it was a machine that had fallen into disrepair. That’s what I learned in medical school. Fortunately, I learned much more after graduation, and the rest of the equation.

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