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Month: October 2017


The Opioid Crisis: Part 2 What’s Congress Got to Do With It?

In case you missed the explosive investigative report conducted by 60 Minutes and the Washington Post, I urge you to spend a few minutes and watch it. Tragically in the midst of this growing epidemic, the DEA was in 2016 legally handcuffed by a law passed by congress and signed by former President Obama that intervenes with their ability to enforce the law.

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Chronic Disease

The Opioid Crisis Part 1: More than 175 Americans Are Dying Every Day!

The opioid crisis has now surpassed the number of people killed in accidents in the US, while 6% percent of people prescribed narcotics (opioid) become addicted after taking them for one day! This important series will reveal how devastating this epidemic is, and what you can to do protect yourself from becoming its next victim. We’ll also review Congress’ role in impairing the DEA’s ability to curtail the illegal distribution of these devastating drugs in Part 2, and in part 3 we’ll take a look at what you can do to manage pain.

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Does Coffee Increase Longevity?

For many years, conventional wisdom held drinking several cups of coffee every day was healthy. A new study has determined it in fact, can enhance health.

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