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Category: Alternative Healing

Alternative Healing

Spirituality and Health Update

How does your spirituality affect your health? Please click this link to listen to my recent interview with Emmy award winning journalist, and my dear

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A Surprising, Unique Constipation Cure

About 19 percent of North Americans suffer from constipation, with the digestive condition being more common among women, people of color, people over 60, those who are not physically active and the poor.

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What to Do When Someone You Love is Sick

Do you have a sick loved one in your family, or a friend? Click here to learn about our line of products, based on the latest research to accompany your sick loved one’s medical treatment, using a variety of mind/body approaches to help her/him heal and get well faster.

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Ask Dr. Elaine

Question: I am confused about something. I’m reading books on nutrition that indicate all I have to do is to change my diet to dramatically improve my health.

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