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In Part 1 of my Special Report , I shared with you the fact that Potassium Iodide protects against only one specific radioactive material. Does Potassium Iodide Protect My Entire Body? No it doesn’t. While many may have the belief that taking Potassium Iodide protects them against all radiation exposure, that is not true.  Potassium […]

A week after the largest earthquake in to hit Japan in history, four of the six nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station are still in various stages of meltdown and continue to deteriorate. The unbelievable disastrous chain of events triggered by the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent Tsunami that devastated the northeast […]

Experimental studies have shown that green tea components and theanine prevent influenza infection, while clinical evidence remains inconclusive.  Researchers at the University of Shizoka in Japan undertook a study to ascertain if green tea catechins and theanine could prevent the flu and human spirit. Led byKeiji Matsumoto, PhD, of the Department of drug evaluation and […]

Many people get massages as a part of their wellness and healing programs.  Getting a massage might alter the body’s immune response and lower stress-related hormones, a new U.S. study suggests.     A small study, the blood of 29 people who received 45-minute Swedish massages was tested five minutes and one minute before the massage […]

Scientists at Arizona State University conducted a review and analysis of several published scientific reports involving over 6400 participants found that Tai Chi and Qigong provide numerous health benefits, both mental and physical, which improve the quality of life, heart and immune system.   Linda Larkey, PhD,  and her colleagues found 77 published reports of […]

For most people, over time, during the latter decades of life, their immune system function declines.   Tocotrienols, a form of vitamin E may enhance the function of certain cells in the immune system, and help ensure healthy immune system functioning.    The study recently published in the Journal of Nutrition. “This is the first […]

During the last few years research reports continue to be reported about the deleterious effects consumption of soft drinks Reports continue that soft drinks have a deleterious effect on our health, including increasing the risk for obesity, metabolic syndrome (pre Diabetes and bone loss (high acidification).  Regular consumers of sugary soft drinks are at higher […]

Once more, scientists report  that low levels of vitmain D are associated with increased risk of death, all causes and from heart disease. “Our results provide a rationale for future studies to test whether vitamin D supplementation reduces mortality and/or cardiovascular diseases in persons with vitamin D deficiencey, Stefan Pilz from the Medical University of […]

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