For most people, over time, during the latter decades of life, their immune system function declines.


Tocotrienols, a form of vitamin E may enhance the function of certain cells in the immune system, and help ensure healthy immune system functioning.


 The study recently published in the Journal of Nutrition. “This is the first study, to our knowledge, reporting that tocotrienol enhances T cell function,” a Wu of Tufts University.


Wu and his co-workers divided mice into two groups, based on age. They received either a normal diet or a diet supplement with a tocotrienol/soybean oil mixture. 


Initial results found the ability of the immune cells to reproduce was lower in older mice compared to the younger ones.   They were given the supplements for 6 weeks, the proliferation capacity increased significantly in the older mice receiving the tocotrienols, compared to the mice of similar age who were maintained on a normal diet.


“While further studies are needed to determine the mechanism of tocotrienols and the relative efficacy compared to tocopherols as well. As its clinical implications, the data described here present novel findings showing for the first time that tocotrienols enhances T cell function in old, mice,’ Dr. Wu concluded.