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Month: June 2014

Can a Happy Marriage Improve Health?

A new twenty year study has found that happily married people experience less sickness and enjoy more health. New research finds that people in happy marriages live less “in sickness” but enjoy more of life “in health.”

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Mother Nature’s Amazing Healing Powers

It’s summertime!! Yes!! Seems like I was just writing about New Year’s resolutions and now we’re into the second half of the year. It’s hard for me to believe that the long, seemingly unending winter is truly over, and summer is here!

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Guest Blog: A Natural Diabetes Treatment That Works!

Scientists have verified an effective treatment for diabetes, and it’s not some new fangled, FDA approved until it kills more people than they can ignore, pharmaceutical drug. No. This safe and effective treatment for diabetes is called Nepalese/Indian gooseberry, known in Ayurvedic medicine as Amla (Emblica officinalis).

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Do Emotions and Stress Affect Diabetes?

Most people don’t realize that chronic stress is a risk factor and can precipitate the onset of diabetes and interrupt its control. While it is a normal response to danger, it the release of stress related hormones-cortisol, adrenalin, and growth hormone all have the ability to increase blood sugar levels.

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Dietary Patterns and Breast Cancer Risk Among Women

The main objective was to identify the relationship between major dietary patterns and breast cancer risk among Iranian women. A healthy dietary pattern may be negatively associated with breast cancer risk, while an unhealthy dietary pattern is likely to increase the risk among Iranian women.

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Emotional Health

It’s Not All In Your Head! Remarkable New Study Shows How Emotions are Mapped on the Human Body

Emotions coordinate our behavior and physiological states during survival-salient events and pleasurable interactions. Even though we are often consciously aware of our current emotional state, such as anger or happiness, the mechanisms giving rise to these subjective sensations have remained unresolved. Brilliant research by Finnish scientists has mapped the areas of our body that are experiencing an increase or decrease in sensory activity when we experience a particular emotion.

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