We all get upset and reactive at times. During these experiences, we feel unseen, unheard, or misunderstood. We may feel quite a range of emotional pain—from mild to severe—that determines what we do from there. Think about how you handle your upsets. You might do your best to push them aside, pretending that they don’t matter. At the other extreme, you might try to control the situation and insist on another person seeing things your way. The point is that we all want to be seen, heard and appreciated for who we are.

The best way for you to accomplish that goal is to learn how to see, hear, and appreciate yourself. But how exactly do you do that? The Inner Alignment Method (I AM) is an invitation for you to get to know yourself more fully than ever before. To clarify, let’s go back to the original point about how we all, at times, get upset and reactive. Those moments create particularly valuable opportunities to get to know yourself and clear away any negativity that has been affecting how you feel about yourself. But how do you take advantage of your pain for these life upgrades I’m talking about?

It all starts with a key difference between human beings and all other life forms, which is our ability to be self-aware. I AM maximizes your ability to be self-aware in order to benefit from your upsets or painful experiences in a way that will improve your quality of life and your potential to evolve most rapidly. Whenever you are experiencing some type of upset, you are experiencing dis-ease. This is the most basic form of internal communication that there is something within your emotional system that needs to be addressed. When these things go unaddressed for too long, they have a stronger effect on the total system, calling the necessary attention through physical manifestation—or disease.

I AM quickly puts you on a path of ease and healing by opening your eyes in a new way to see, hear, feel, and get to know yourself like never before. One of the I AM tools is called the Inner Alignment Chart. This is a simple tool that assists you to benefit from any upset and begin discovering more about who you are, which develops your ultimate relationship—the one you get to have with yourself. The Chart gives you practice in noticing early internal negative stirrings, so that you can prevent upsets and reactivity in yourself, and the resulting chain reaction that commonly happens with the people you’re interacting with while you’re upset. Just imagine all the benefits of that.

This one tool will help free you from your knee-jerk reactions and emotional upheavals that create stress, and many other consequences in your daily life. My book, Why YOU Are Your Ultimate Relationship, is a step by step guide that teaches you to truly see, hear, feel, and get to know yourself. Along with the Chart and other Inner Alignment Method tools, you also get the opportunity to sit in on composite sessions with several of my clients, and watch how they use the tools to clear up their painful daily upsets, and get to know themselves in important and life-changing ways.

In four parts—Discovering, Developing, Deepening and Living Your Ultimate Relationship—I provide a bigger picture understanding of how we human beings work, and deliver a practical method of healing to the greatest depths, for increased unity with self, others, and all of life. This book is for anyone interested in a path to a life they will love more and more every day. It’s for couples who want to increase intimacy and joy in their relationship. It’s for parents who want to guide their children to their potential, and simultaneously ensure that all family members grow as individuals, strengthening the family unit. It is even for business owners who want to maximize the effectiveness of their teams.

Why YOU Are Your Ultimate Relationship is a road-map for the journey to the most empowering place you could ever reach—a place of profound relationship with ourselves. You can free yourself from your personal obstacles and rise to a new level—a more meaningful and fulfilling life that is our birthright.  InnerAlignmentMethod.com


Ron LevyRon Levy, MS, LMFT is grateful to have discovered the Inner Alignment Method (I AM) and feels blessed to be sharing it with so many more fellow travelers. In his more than 30 year psychotherapy practice, Ron has guided countless clients to discover the key to unlocking the door of their emotional prison of the past and to find, in the process, their Ultimate Relationship.

Ron spent his early years as an elementary and special education teacher, youth group director, education consultant, and martial arts instructor. He earned his master of science degree in educational psychology at California State University and is in practice as a licensed marriage and family therapist in Calabasas, California. Ron is a Southern California native and a martial artist of over 40 years. He and his wife Patti, soulmates of 25 years, share their home with their two extraordinary feline children, Navi and Tari. Through every interaction and experience, they rejoice in deepening their connection with all of life.