Researchers analyzed several studies and performed a meta–analysis of prospective studies to assess the effects of nut consumption on hypertension and T2DM risks. Findings from this meta–analysis indicate that consumption of nuts (more than 2 servings/week) may be inversely associated with hypertension risk, but not with T2DM risk.


• Eight articles with nine prospective cohort studies (three hypertension studies and six T2DM studies) were selected.
• Using random effects models, the authors found that compared with never/rare consumers of nuts, those consuming >2 servings per week had an 8% lower risk of hypertension, while consumption of nuts at 1 serving per week had similar risk.
• In addition, nuts consumption was not associated with risk of Type 2 diabetes mellitus on the basis of the highest versus lowest analysis.

Source: Journal of Diabetes, 06/10/2014  Evidence Based Medicine
Meta-analysis of prospective studies on the effects of nut consumption on hypertension and type 2 diabetes mellitus