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Month: February 2016

Mind Body

Are You Giving Your Heart The Most Critical Nutrient It Needs?

Many years ago, I read about a fascinating study that was conducted at Ohio State University several times because the researchers could not believe their remarkable finding. While testing a cholesterol lowering drug and its effect in rabbits, a portion of the rabbit had absolutely no signs of hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) and heart disease, despite eating a high cholesterol, high fat diet. They knew the drug wasn’t the cause–Was it the drug or something else that prevented the development of these anticipated results?

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Brain Changes Explain How Meditation Improves Health

Over the past decade, studies have found mindfulness meditation can improve a wide range of health conditions, including slowing the progression HIV infection, prolonging longevity while improving health. But little is known about the way the brain responds to create the changes that produce these beneficial health effects.

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Heart Health

How Healthy Is Your Heart?

February is heart health month-and while thinking of what I could share with you, the questions occurred, do you have a healthy heart? How would you know? Do you need an angiogram or your cholesterol to let you know for sure?

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