Did you miss last week’s webinar, More SuperHealing Secrets-Ask Dr. Elaine? We’ve received extremely positive response from our webinar participants!

Here’s the link to the replay of our More SuperHealing Secrets webinar:  Listen now

Please skip over the first 14 minutes—it’s just music and begin listening around 14:30.

I am completing an intensive 8 week webinar series, SuperHealing Intensive– with more questions and answers, and lots of information about the latest research to help you accelerate your health.

Be on the look on next week for your exclusive offer (with a substantial discount) that will be available only to you before it is released to the public.

Click this link and Listen now to More SuperHealing Secrets 

From our participants:

The webinar was excellent and inspiring. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be included. Very informational, thought provoking, helpful, and healthful.  Thank you again.

-Kay Alden Nelson

Excellent webinar! Thx 4 sharing info w/us 🙂 Your voice was perfect btw


Dr. Elaine, I really appreciated all the good information on the Webinar tonight. Thank you for your thoughts on my particular question too. It is all good food for thought. I found it helpful to hear your comments about working on the cause(s) of the Pulmonary Hypertension, in my case likely the COPD.  When I talk with my Pulmonary Dr I will press this a bit. I look forward to other events, especially the PBS Specials. Thanks again.


I listened and learned.  I wish you much continued success.


Thank you very much.  Thank you – very helpful info….We will review as well as purchase your book on Amazon soon.

-Lori & Ruth

Thank you. Dr Ferguson for answering my question tonight.  I do believe that I would benefit from a consultation with you.  How much are your consultations?  I’m sure insurance doesn’t cover it.  When is your next available time?


You just finished your webinar and it was great! Really awesome! I was furiously taking notes and am excited to look up some of the things you talked about. I’m out tonight so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. There’s so much to learn!

Last night I had friends over to watch SUPERHEALING SECRETS and they loved it! They thought you were great (as I had told them!) and are excited to read your book, too! You’ve made converts-YAY! My one friend Cindy is a huge fan of Tumeric and makes the paste weekly. She absolutely agrees that it is doing wonders for her joints.


Very informative!


I listened to the last 45 minutes and your answers were very understandable and informative.   You need to have a radio show!


Thank you.  I spent 12 years in a wheelchair but have walking the last 5 years.  I am on a constant search for inspiration and ideas to improve my health.  I know I am fighting an uphill battle with my disabilities/health issues but I am winning!!