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Month: July 2018

Mind Body Spirit

Expecting a Stressful Day Decreases Cognitive Abilities Throughout the Day!

Do you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, immediately feeling resistant to you day, especially worrying about your job? According to researchers at Penn State, if you start you morning focusing on how stressful your think your day will be, my harm your mindset and impair your cognitive functioning throughout your entire day.

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Environmental Health

Mobile Phone Radiation Can Damage Teens’ Memory

Does your child use a cellphone? More than of 40 percent of American children under the age of 8 have their own tablets or cell phones. A recently published study that links cellphone radiation to memory performance problems in children and teens and confirms results initially published in 2015.

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Does Alternative Medicine for Cancer More than Doubles Death Risk?

A 2017 study reported in the media determined cancer patients that used alternative therapies were five times more likely to die, in comparison to those who received conventional therapy. How could this be true, I wondered, considering my long-term experience with cancer patients—then it occurred to me to read the study’s fine print. This is yet another apple comparison to oranges that is quite concerning and misguiding.

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Let Your Health Shine Bright!

What’s happened to your health related New Year’s resolutions? Is your health evolving? Or is it stuck in a rut haven’t found a way out? And are you giving your health your very best?

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Chronic Disease

The Great Toll of Medical Errors

Medical errors by healthcare professionals don’t just put a patient’s physical health at risk, they can be equally damaging to a person’s mental state and financial well-being.

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