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Tag: cancer prevention

Chronic Disease

Curcumin Helps to Prevent and Heal Stomach Cancer

Curcumin is widely used to impart color and flavor to food, but scientists have discovered that this yellow powder derived from the roots of the turmeric plant (Curcuma longa) can also help prevent or combat stomach cancer.

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Landmark Study Reveals: Vitamin D Supplement Doses and Blood Level Range Associated with Cancer Prevention

Do you take vitamin D? It is one of the most potent health enhancing vitamins known, and I’ve written about it extensively. If you don’t, perhaps the findings of this study will persuade you to reconsider doing so. I am very happy to share this study with you, as it is very instructive as to how to prevent cancer with adequate vitamin D intake (and blood levels).

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Vitamin D & Cancer Prevention

Researchers at Creighton University School of medicine in Omaha, Nebraska have determined that most Americans and others are not taking enough vitamin D.

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