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How many push ups can you do? A new study found men able to complete a certain number of push ups had a much lower incident of future cardiovascular disease outcomes ranging from heart attacks to heart failure. Active, middle-aged men able to complete more than 40 push-ups had a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular […]

Two studies have determined consuming beverages containing a certain ingredient is linked to a significant increase in the risk of developing cardiovascular (heart) disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

Heart Failure is a very serious chronic condition in which the heart fails to pump effectively and efficiently, and provide the body/organs/cells with the blood that is needed to function properly. It is a term that encompasses a variety of causes and contributing factors that disrupt the heart’s ability to pump blood to meet the body’s needs.

Researchers of a recent study reported in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition determined that high intake of fish omega-3 fatty acids is linked to a  25 per cent reduction in the risk of developing heart failure .   Since the initial report of the heart health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids were reported in […]