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Last week I shared with you one particular episode demonstrating how nutritional research can be distorted to suggest something other than it’s accurate findings. This week, we’re going to explore why vitamin supplementation is important.

A few evenings ago, during an interview on a major media outlet, I heard a noted physician and author state emphatically that people should not take vitamin supplements, because it is myth that they are beneficial! He went on to say there is no scientific proof that taking any type of nutritional supplement improves health, and in fact there are studies which indicate they are dangerous! I was stunned and speechless. I couldn’t believe my ears.

For many years doctors have recommended taking Aspirin to prevent heart attacks and strokes. However, according to a new study conducted in the Netherlands has determined that healthy women taking Aspirin isn’t helpful to healthy women trying to ward off these two conditions. Their study found that 50 women will need to take the medication […]

For decades public health officials have recommended eating a lot of fruits and vegetables to improve your health and prevent diseases. A new study suggests that people who with a family history of heart disease  and genes that increase their likelihood of developing the disease can lower their risk by eating plenty of fruit and […]