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Category: Healthy Aging

Chronic Disease

How Long Can You Live?

During med school l learned there’s no predictable scientific way to determine how long the human body can live. When you think about your mortality, have you settled with a “reasonable” number of years you’d like to live. Perhaps this latest study may cause you to think differently. The average human life span continues to increase. Will we ever reach a limit to how long we can live?

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Too Much Sitting, Too Little Exercise= Faster Aging

Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine report that women who sit for more than 10 hours a day with low physical activity have cells that are biologically older by eight years compared to women who are more active.

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Mid Year’s Resolutions, Anyone?

Hard to believe we’re almost half way through 2014, but we are! How are you doing? And what about those New Year’s resolutions I asked you about in January? Have you lost those extra pounds, exercised, meditated, or created the new habit, reached the goal as you intended on January 1, 2014? It’s okay if you haven’t.

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The Truth About “Old Age”

This is your brain . . . and this is your brain on the couch,” is Dr. Patrick Mueller, associate professor of physiology at Wayne State University’s approach to highlighting the detrimental effects that inactivity has on our brains and hearts.

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