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A belief exists in many cultures around the world that many people believe that getting older means declining mental capacity, which can cause poor decision-making.  A new report conducted at North Carolina State University determined that making intuitive decisions – using your “gut instincts,”  there’s no difference between “older” adults fare and their “juniors.”   […]

For many decades, particularly in light of the debate and conversation surrounding movies such as the Secret, and the concept of the Law of Attraction, cognitive behavioral therapy—changing the way a person thinks about a certain aspect of life, can improve depressions.   People with moderate to severe depression, according to a recent study conducted […]

I’ve heard many people suggest with a few episodes of memory lapse or loss that they are developing Alzheimer’s Disease.  That usually isn’t the case, and I understand the concern, since the disease has virtually exploded in epidemic numbers over the last 25 years, with no identifiable environmental causes.   According to psychiatrist Dr. Sameer […]

    One of the most powerful healing techniques in existence is expressing our gratitude.   A Simple ‘Thank You’ Brings Rewards to All   Expressing gratitude benefits both you and the person being thanked, study finds.   If you’re experiencing unhappiness or dissatisfaction with someone in your life, a friend, family member, partner or […]

  A study conducted at Northwestern Memorial Hospital found that meditation is an effective behavioral treatment for insomnia. The findings were reported at the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies.   Insomnia affects more than 35-70 million Americans, and the same approximate rate, 10-20 per cent of the population are impacted in Europe. […]

  A recent study conducted by the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle, Washington found that both massage therapy and music can effectively reduce anxiety.  Listening to soft, soothing music is much less costly than massage.   The study found that the patients involved had half the symptoms of anxiety three months after getting a […]

Brain research imaging studies conducted a few years ago have demonstrated that meditation can cause significant improvements in sections related to concentration.  Conventional wisdom has led to the notion that a considerable amount of time and training was involved in order to achieve this effect.  This perceived time requirement has been a barrier for many […]

    Hospital admission and stay are very difficult and extremely stressful times.  In addition to being sick, distressed, and oftentimes in pain, the hospital experience is wrought with uncertainty and the sense of helplessness.   A patient is dependent upon the hospital staff for treatment, food and human contact. And being uprooted from the daily activities […]

  Prior to Dr. Pennebaker’s research, Jungian scholar Dr. Ira Progoff, the creator of holistic depth psychology, developed a journaling technique. Since the program was developed over thirty years ago, more than 200 workshop leaders have been trained and certified, and more than 175,000 individuals have participated in his workshops. Dr. Progoff passed away in […]

    Do you spend most of your week waiting for Friday, i.e., TGIF (thank God it’s Friday)?  Many of us do.  I admit, I am happy to see the weekend roll around, but it comes and goes too quickly, so I’ve focused on enjoying each day.  More heart attacks occur on Monday morning, because, […]

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