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We all experience varying degrees of stress in our daily life. It is also quite common to have been prescribed a tranquilizer, to help you cope with stress. Juggling between a load of tasks and things to worry about has become a daily routine in all our lives. But amidst this stressful life that you’re living, did you ever stop to think how you need to take better care of yourself? Did you ever stop to think about taking charge? Have you ever tried to destress?

Have you ever caught someone else’s boisterous laughter?  Surely you did! Stronger bonds are formed when laughter is shared, and nothing beats the feeling of happiness when you indeed share a great laugh with another. Did you know that laughter not only tickles your funny bone, and is also now confirmed as a powerful medicine? A continuously expanding body […]

Happy New Year! I have found changing habits can happen anytime, when I am passionate about making the improvement, regardless of the time of year, that’s when change the change not only occurs, but is maintained. Almost fifty percent of American adults (48% according to a December 2009 Marist poll) questioned are somewhat likely to […]

During challenging times, we often rely on our friends and family to help us through. The loving support of a friend, family member is one of life’s greatest gifts.  One of the benefits and joys of the holiday season  is spending more time with family and friends. Many years ago, the Beatles sang a song, “I get by with […]

I believe in the healing power of doing good.  When we do good, we experience what is called, the “helper’s high,” which has a beneficial impact on our bodies.   If you have a minute, please watch the following video clip. It is a beautiful story of Johnny, the grocery store bagger.  It is very […]

Previous samples might have unknowingly included people with early brain disease.   The belief that healthy older brains are substantially smaller than younger brains may stem from studies that did not screen out people whose undetected, slowly developing brain disease was killing off cells in key areas, according to new research.  As a result, previous […]

I often wonder why the holidays, which should be a time of great joy, have become so stressful for so many of us.  There’s certainly a multitude of reasons, financial, relational, time, weather changes, etc., that all contribute to our holiday distress.   One of the things I’ve done is to stop shopping, except during […]

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