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Tag: meditation


Do You Need Help Meditating?

Are you struggling with your meditation practice, or still not doing it? Please watch this outstanding Ted Talk about the power of meditation.  His important insights can help you to appreciate the gift meditation can provide.  Watch now….

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Benefits of Long-Term Meditation

A new study shows that those gains in attention observed immediately after an intensive meditation retreat were partly maintained seven years later, especially for participants who maintained a regular practice.

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Mind Body

A Powerful (Yet Simple) Way to Improve Your Health!

Today more we are busier than ever. Our 24/7 rapid paced culture, makes it challenging to find time for quiet moments. Unfortunately, solitude is often dismissed as a waste of time. Unfortunately, we are also sicker today. An important culprit is unmanaged stress. Daily meditation is one of the best ways to protect and enhance your health.

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