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A Harvard University researcher while reporting the findings of a new study, said, “In these patients, alternative strategies are invaluable. In this study, we found that the relaxation response can successfully help reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients who are not taking medication!”

Today more we are busier than ever. Our 24/7 rapid paced culture, makes it challenging to find time for quiet moments. Unfortunately, solitude is often dismissed as a waste of time. Unfortunately, we are also sicker today. An important culprit is unmanaged stress. Daily meditation is one of the best ways to protect and enhance your health.

Recent research has indicated concern for the degree of stress and emotional well-being among university staff. This study examined the effectiveness of yoga in enhancing emotional well-being and resilience to stress among university employees.   British researchers conducted a randomized clinical study, involving 48 people.  They were either placed into a yoga program, or wait […]

    Do you spend most of your week waiting for Friday, i.e., TGIF (thank God it’s Friday)?  Many of us do.  I admit, I am happy to see the weekend roll around, but it comes and goes too quickly, so I’ve focused on enjoying each day.  More heart attacks occur on Monday morning, because, […]