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  I believe one of the most meaningful ways to manage the health care crisis, that has been ongoing for 20 years, is to incorporate a holistic approach to health, as the foundation of our  health care system.  In reality, we have a disease diagnosis and treatment system. One that has made great contributions in […]

Over the years, I’ve read numerous intriguing studies about the role nutrition plays in violent behavior.  Other studies have clearly demonstrated a link between heavy metals and vitamin deficiencies.   A new study from the Netherlands found prisoners given supplements of vitamins, minerals and omega-3 f and omega-6 fatty acids, have the potential to reduce […]

The results of a University of Pennsylvania study, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease  found that a specific meditation, Kirtan Kriya performed daily for eight weeks increased brain activity in areas important to memory and actually improved their cognitive function in people suffering from memory decline.   Kirtan Kriya (KK), originated in the Kundalini […]

Researchers investigated the effectiveness of two approaches to anxiety-meditation and self-hypnosis in 32 patients with long term and severe anxiety.   A simple, meditational relaxation technique that causes relaxes the body and lowers the activity of the sympathetic nervous system was compared to hypnosis. The groups were divided into 3 based on their response to […]

I’ve always suspected that violent video games were unhealthy to the mental health and well-being of children playing them.   New research in the field of video games investigated how violent games affect the emotional behavior of children and how it impacts their response to life events.    Playing video games that are violent, for […]

Scientists believe anger may alter the immune system in a similar manner to how stress causes chronic inflammation. Anger kills—isn’t a new concept in medical circles.  Since the late 1960s researchers have evaluated its link to heart disease.   A study consisting of 670 men, from 45 to 87, participants in the US Normative Aging […]

      Columbia University (located in New York City) medical researchers designed a 10 year study to determine whether a lower risk for heart disease (coronary artery disease) is associated with positive emotions.   Over 1700 adult participants (862 men and 877 women) in the 1995 Nova Scotia Health Survey were evaluated at the beginning […]

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of “energy medicine,” a psychological form of acupressure (without needles), that’s based on  our growing awareness of the connection between our body and it’s electromagnetic field, also called, “subtle energies,” your emotions, and your health. EFT has been reported successful in thousands of cases covering a huge range […]

Children with asthma, hypnosis can help to reduce symptoms including habit coughing, unexplained sensations of breathing difficulty and reducing a child’s discomfort during medical procedures.   Ran D. Anbar, MD, Professor of Pediatrics at SUNY Upstate Medical University, in Syracuse, NY, recommends hypnosis as a treatment option when a child’s respiratory symptoms appear to have […]

Researchers at Ohio State University, who’ve previously conducted landmark research on the mind-body connection, Dr. Jane Kiecolt-Glaser and her associates, conducted a study to determine the stress reduction benefits of hatha yoga, and its chemical pathways.    They compared inflammation and endocrine chemical levels, in experienced yoga practitioners and novices before during and after a […]

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