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This week, I discovered devastating information regarding the CDC and the controversial topic- thimerosal in vaccines and autism. For years parents and open-minded physicians have brought attention to this issue, to be met with considerable rejection of their claims. However, for the first time, there is credible evidence of a cover-up in general and one in particular regarding their own research related to this issue.

Bullying once was limited to schools and playgrounds, now is unfortunately can be a 24 hour phenomena, due to the internet access and social media sites. Unfortunately children, especially teens are being bullied more than ever before, and access to computers and smart phones are the tools that are used to commit these harmful acts. […]

Boston University researchers have discovered a link between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD in children and common industrial chemicals. They found a high blood level of polyfluoroalkyl chemicals (PFCs) is associated with  increased  chance of developing ADHD.  This particular class of chemicals are frequently used in a wide variety of consumer products.   The research […]

Two recent studies have determined the detrimental impact child abuse has on adult disease susceptibility and development, particularly those with pain.   The first study sought to determine if “alleged” childhood abuse causes any changes in the  release of daily cortisol, as major stress hormone in women experiencing chronic pain, either fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis.   […]

Children with exposure to significant amounts of organophosphate pesticides have an increased risk of developing Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), according to a study conducted at the University of Montreal and Report in the June, 2010 issue of Pediatrics.   According to Dr. Maryse Bouchard, the lead researcher, a ten-fold increase in the concentration of the most […]

  Children experiencing emotional neglect or abuse can develop brain changes.   MRI evaluation found that childhood stress can lead to the development of depression. The study led by scientists at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland was recently published in the scientific journal, Neuropsychopharmacology.   The researchers noted, “Improved neurobiological understanding shows how stress and […]

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