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New research indicates that several B vitamins may be the gateway to discovering more about the brain’s power and functions as well as detecting mental health issues.   Lindsay Allen, a U.S. Department of Agriculture nutritionist, reports that low levels of the B vitamins, folate, are associated with dementia symptoms and “cognitive decline” in brain […]

University of Pittsburgh medical researchers recently published a study in the Psychosomatic Medicine Journal.  It tested the theory that women with major depression would have a more significant progression of hardening of their coronary (heart) arteries, known as calcification when compared to women with only one episode of major depression.   Depressive symptoms and major […]

A new study indicates that an over-the-counter supplement may help people with depression who haven’t responded to anti-depression drug therapy.   Researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts general hospital have found that S-Adenosyl-Methionine or SAMe, when added to a patient’s antidepressant treatment aided more people with major depression to reduce and improve their symptoms […]

A recent review of complementary and alternative therapies in the treatment of depression are quite promising.  A study review of the medical literature, conducted by the American Psychiatric Association’s Task Force on Complementary and Alternative Medicine reported its findings  in the June, 2010  Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.   The following is a brief overview of […]

German researchers have discovered that the jasmine’s fragrance calms down mice as well as tranquilizers or sleeping pills, and lacks any side effects.   They examined hundreds of fragrances to determine their effect on GABA receptors in humans and mice and found jasmine increased the GABA effect by more than five times and acted as […]

A recent survey conducted around the world, involved more than 136,000 people in 132 countries asked questions about income and happiness, and included questions about happiness and income. The results indicate that while life satisfaction usually rises with income, positive feelings don’t necessarily follow.   The results of the first Gallup World Poll, appear in […]

Researchers at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago found that for every 10 milligram increase in the vitamin B6 intake and for every 10 microgram increase in vitamin B12 there was a 2 percent per year decrease in the risk of developing depression symptoms.    Previous studies have associated a lower risk of infection to […]

Many medical studies have documented the positive effects of exercise on improving mood. To date, very few research studies have been conducted to evaluate the impact of exercise on angry feelings.  Recently, a small study presented at the 57th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine found that exercise has a beneficial on […]

The BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal reports that while Tai Chi is a good form of physical activity, it can improve symptoms that are associated with chronic mood disorders. According to the most recent statistics, more than 15 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with a form of depression.   A team […]

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