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Category: Mind Body

Mind Body

Does Growing up in Cities Impair Mental Health?

Children raised in a rural environment, surrounded by animals and bacteria-laden dust, grow up to have more stress-resilient immune systems and a lower risk of mental health disorders in comparison to pet-free city dwellers.

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Benefits of Long-Term Meditation

A new study shows that those gains in attention observed immediately after an intensive meditation retreat were partly maintained seven years later, especially for participants who maintained a regular practice.

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Mental Health

Overcoming Child Abuse’s Long-term Adverse Health Impact

Research has linked childhood abuse to many adverse health outcomes in adulthood, including premature death, but according to new Northwestern University research, found supportive relationships in midlife can partly compensate for the mortality risks linked to childhood abuse.

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Health Care

Welcome to 2018!!

Welcome to 2018!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and you’re excited about what is awaiting you in this New Year!  Our passionate

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